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WP Reset Plug-in Helps You Start From Scratch

Starting and maintaining a website is a demanding job, yet it is a great opportunity for you to build and develop a private business and finally become professionally and financially independent. WordPress powers around one-third of the Internet, and it is covered by the variety of backup services providing you with constant support.

WP Reset Plug-in

A large team of experienced developers works hard to build the best performances so you can continue growing your business uninterruptedly. This is also the case with WP Reset plugin, more than a useful tool for developers and common users. There is hardly some other product that is equally appreciated by fellow developers and the average owner of the website.

Reasons for a Fresh Start

It is already known that WP Reset is of the greatest help in solving problems and unfortunate issues without wasting time and money for outside developers’ support. It is also your best friend when you need a fresh start for whatever the reason. Hacking attacks can do a lot of harm, and you might want to reset the website from scratch. WP Reset works on the single click.

Hit the button and let the plugin do their job while you are making a plan how you want to proceed after the website has been reset and restored. Such circumstances are rare comparing to a list what else WP Reset is useful for.  Local development environment needs an advanced development tool to help with testing, debugging, and coding.

WP Reset Plug-in

Testing, for example, is the developers’ daily need. The problem encounters if there is also a need for speed. It is expected from you as a developer to be fast and accurate. Sudden problems may cause a lot of trouble to website owners, and the only way to respond to requirements is to speed up a procedure.

At this point, WP Reset jumps in as your right-hand assistant.It is ideal for testing purposes since it offers you a fresh WordPress installation with original default settings. From this point on, you can set the website from scratch by using only necessary and functional tools.

WP Reset Standard Features

WP Reset was created to help you develop, debug, and maintain themes and plugins while keeping control over any change. In the final result, it improves and speeds up the website. Main features of the WP Reset include:

  • One click site reset – a synonym for fast and easy reset. You are able to have a completely fresh WordPress installation in a few seconds, any time you need it. It is a relief for users who prefer management of Word Press websites without using a command line.
  • WP-CLI is a sophisticated command line tool mainly intended for advanced users or theme developers. Full compatibility is guaranteed, but since the UNDO option doesn’t exist, certain precaution is required. Help is provided by wp help reset.
  • Post-reset setup excludes manual setup. The plugin resets the environment in accordance with your preferences. This feature is automatic if you intend to use the current theme and plugins. You can test it by using custom tables or demo database.
  • Database Snapshots and Database Diff Viewer are two irreplaceable tools in defining all alterations or impacts from other plugins in your database. You get the results in a form of visual representation. The installation can be restored to a chosen snapshot in approximately 2 seconds.
  • Selective reset tools are a great advantage. You don’t have to perform the complete reset, but you can customize it to your personal preferences. The complete reset includes all the site’s information and settings back to their defaults. By selecting individual tables, you can delete comments, pages, users or some other specified content.
  • Webhooks integration is related to 3rd party services which all WP Reset tools can be activated from. You can initiate actions from WordPress or some other application since the plugins are fully compatible.
  • –          In-house support is free, reliable, and 100% professional. Whatever might be an issue for you, be sure it is to be solved soonest possible. WP Reset was built by developers for their fellows in a user-friendly way. You can also lean on forums where the variety of experiences can contain the solution to your problem as well.

Additional Features Soon to Be Added

You can realize by now that WP Reset does include all important aspects of the fresh WordPress installation. However, the tools are constantly upgraded with brand new ones. Team of highly skilled professionals is currently working three additional tools which are related to:

  • Installation of your favorite collection of themes and plugins all at once (Plugin & Theme Collections). If you need to start from scratch, you will be able to do it with your favs.
  • Getting back to the absolutely clean start (Nuclear Reset)
  • Reset of multiple websites (WordPress Network / WP-MU). Reset from the network admin couldn’t be easier, and it spares a lot of your time. Test phase requires little precaution when it gets to the main sites. Resetting sub-sites works flawlessly.


WP Reset plugin is fast and easy-to-use, but more importantly – it is reliable and safe! Accidental data loss is completely excluded due to strong fail-safe mechanisms including multiple reset confirmation. Files won’t be modified, but you can count on faster testing in the final result. It is important to emphasize what WP Reset will alter or delete and what not. You can find precise information in the plugin documentation, but while resetting the website the search engine visibility won’t be compromised.

Remember that there is no UNDO option, but you will be asked to approve the reset. WP Reset plugin with the large scale of tools is the right plugin for you if you need a fresh start for any reason. Testing on the fresh installation provides better results, and for those who are not developers, it provides an excellent opportunity to train. Useless and confusing options have not been a part of the WP Reset. Enable it to re-open and perform as many resets as you want or need.

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