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Why London Is A Traveler’s Paradise

London is one of those unique places where if you haven’t been before, you NEED to go and if you have visited this amazing city, you have even MORE reason to go again! There are many features that make London a traveler’s paradise and if you have only seen this city in pictures and movies then you are in for a surprise; there is no way to capture the essence of this place through any camera. Being there in person, breathing the air, walking the streets, hearing all of the different accents, languages and activity buzzing around you as you are immersed in the history and stories from times gone by is an experience you will never forget. Make sure to find a London apartment rental to make the most out of your stay. There is an infinite number of reasons you would call this place a traveller’s paradise so I’ve picked out the top few that truly stand out.

The London Underground – The metro system running underneath London is a traveller’s best friend and you should keep this in mind before forking out precious dough for a cab. If you are landing in either Heathrow or Gatwick airport, the train can take you straight to Central London and throughout the city, and the system is designed so well that you really don’t need much practice to master navigating all around the city. Day passes are super cheap as well for the distances you cover.

Multicultural – There is almost nothing you can’t find in London. Walking down the streets you will smell food from all corners of the earth being prepared right there. You will hear many different languages being spoken, many different people coming and going. You will encounter fellow travellers to navigate the city and sites with, and you will be connected to so much of Western Europe with just a short flight to all of the mainland countries across the channel. Even if you just stay in London, you will meet people not just from Europe but all over the world who have made this city their home.

Historical sites – Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The Eye, the Tower of London, ancient Roman ruins, Winchester Palace, statues, museums, and more! Or maybe you prefer to grab a pie and sit on the side of the river Thames looking out where people have been sailing in and out for a couple of thousand years. Maybe you want to take a tour of the old pubs dotted around the city, or visit Buckingham Palace.  The museum collections also house relics from all over the world as a result of the British Empire, so if you want something further afield, it’s still right there in London.

Affordable accommodation – a booming tourist industry means there’s plenty of options for places to lay the head down to sleep. From hostels that only cost a couple of pound a night to single rooms for extra privacy, you are going to find what you are looking for. Staying in the cheaper hostels obviously means less privacy and you will need to think about your security a little more, but the money you save can be better spent exploring or partying with other travellers you encounter who are most likely going to be kindred spirits.