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Why has Floating Laminate flooring suddenly been the Talk of the Town?

With the advancement of technology, there has been a drastic shift in every sector. Right from construction to demolition, there has been a paradigm shift in the approach and preferences. With each product being superior to its predecessors, people have been in a catch-22 situation in making the right choice. With every factor playing a vital role, the selection should always remain in the bracket.

The story goes true for the flooring as well. The shift in people’s craze from plain concrete to mosaic, tiles, stone and now to laminate floor type is the biggest proof. There are companies that deal with the different varieties of laminate flooring in Sydney. According to the owner of one of the reputed shops, almost all the people who are either renovating or has built a new house, are preferring laminates over others. In fact, in the past decade or so, the popularity has tremendously increased. Undoubtedly, this has been the talk of every house owner.

What People Say…

The features of the timber and laminate flooring have taken people by storm. Some people who went for renovation preferred Sydney Blue Gum hardwood. Reason being the hardwood is appealing, versatile and strong. In addition to this, it has phenomenal acoustic and thermal performance that creates a place of style, beauty, and natural appeal.

When it comes to flooring, the engineered timber flooring in Sydney offers a robust and warm finish. It has proved enduringly popular because of the flawless interior settings.

Reasons that Make it Popular

With several associated features, the use of timber or wood as flooring material has been popular and demanding one because of the following reasons—

  • Exceptional Mechanical Properties

Every element has its specific mechanical properties. When it is about laminate or timber flooring in Sydney, the properties are exceptionally outstanding. Right from toughness, hardness to elasticity, the timber holds the exceptional quality.

  • Creates an Aesthetically Pleasing Interior Finish

Solid timber has yet another good reason to be the popular choice. The presence of the grains and texture makes the laminate flooring not only attractive but also the place aesthetically pleasing. Apart from this, the colour of the timber also set the interior aura quite charismatic.

  • Easy Installation

Unlike the other flooring types, timber flooring is easy to install. The professionals believe that the installation of the floating floorboards in Sydney is simple. With the right measurement and techniques, the installation can be completed in a day depending on the area to be covered.

  • Durable and Easy to Maintain

Wood being durable can be used as a floor for 15 years or more post installation if maintained properly. According to the experts, installing laminate flooring in Sydney, dust-free sanding, polishing, and the coating is always going to increase the lifespan of the floor surface. Therefore, proper steps should be followed to maintain it. Apart from this, the treatment also prevents the wear and tear, scratches, or sudden rip that are caused on the surface of the floor.


With so many advantages associated with the laminate flooring or floating floorboards, making it the first choice is always going to be a worthy one for the house owners.