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Which Mattress Size Is Right For You?

Selecting the correct mattress size is very important as it has a vital role to play in determining the comfort level that you would receive during your sleep. Different mattress sizes are available in the market but you have to choose the correct mattress size that meets all your requirements and is a perfect fit in your lavish bedroom. It is very important to find the right bed mattress size as it affects your posture and sleep.

If you choose a mattress that does not fit your size and you have to squander for some room to stretch or some room to move around it might cause discomfort, it could also lead to back or body pain. You must also be aware of the size of the bed you will be sleeping in as it varies from one person to another. For example, adults will require different mattress sizes than kids and couples would require a mattress that is wide enough for both of them to sleep comfortably.

So in the following article we will be discussing the different mattress sizes that are available in the market and how you would choose the right size mattress for you.

Below we have drawn a size chart that makes a comparative analysis of different mattress sizes

SizeDimensions (In)Dimensions (Cm)Fits comfortably
Twin38”x75”x11”99.06×190.5×27.941 person
Twin XL38”x80”x11”99.06×203.2×27.941 person with a pet (small)
Full Mattress54”x75”x11”137.16 x190.5×27.942 adults.No pets
Queen60”x 80”x11”152.4 x 203.2×27.942 adults. No pets comfortably
King76”x 80”x11”193.04×203.2×27.942 adults with a large pet or kid.
Cal king72 “x 84 “x11”182.88×213.36×27.942 adults with multiple pets or children

How to Choose the Correct Mattress Size

So you are already aware of the different dimensions of the mattress now you must figure out what size mattress would meet your need and demand

1. Who Will be Using the Bed?

The first thing that you need to find out is who would be using the mattress. If you are a single adult and aren’t expecting any company then a full bed is good enough for you. If you want to share the bed with your partner then a queen bed or larger mattress will be perfect for you. If you have a family and you want to share the bed with your kid and pets then a California king or a king-size is your preferred mattress size. Finally, if you are buying a mattress for a child or teen, twin or twin XL is your budget-friendly choice. It is also the quality of the mattress that you need to consider while buying your mattress as it will be used by your immediate family whose health would be a concern for you. Though there are various mattress qualities that you can always check up on, the latex in its natural form is considered naturally ventilated, cool, and environmentally friendly which is considered ideal for kids, Pregnant women, and senior citizens.

2. Anticipating the Future

While settling for an expensive mattress you must consider the usefulness and versatility of the mattress for future needs. For example, if parents are buying a mattress for kids they would consider an XL twin or full mattress instead of a Twin as the kids will outgrow the Twin mattress in a specific period rendering the mattress useless. On the other hand, single adults might consider buying a queen mattress or a full mattress to make room for their future partners or pets that might accompany them to bed.

3.What is Your Budget?

Large mattress sizes will always be more expensive than the smaller mattress sizes, Like twin or full mattress. Odd sizes like the twin XL and California king will also be more pricer than the more popular size as the queen size mattress. Accessories of these less-popular sizes might also cost more and would also be very difficult to find. Again a good quality mattress from a reputed brand would be expensive than buying it from a non-branded level but again since the mattress will be a long-time investment it is better to go for a branded company with a quality interior that provides a warranty on your mattress.

4. Your Sleeping Style and Your Height Also Determines the Type of Mattress That You Would Need.

The different mattress sizes are not only about the width of the mattress it is a lot about the length of the mattress as well. The length of the mattress is important to consider, particularly for tall people and back and stomach sleepers(most side sleepers sleep curled up therefore the extra legroom). Twin and full-size beds have a length of 75 inches which makes it cramped for taller people. While on the other hand Twin XL.queen and King all offer 80 inches of length, while California is way taller offering a length of 84 inches

5. Using Existing Accessories

There are already some bed accessories from your previous bed that you like to use with this mattress as bed-frame or foundation, sheets comforters, etc. Therefore before buying your mattress consider the sizes of these accessories that you already have. While many accessories such as pillows or blankets can be used in any bed other accessories might not be useful if you bought  a mattress bigger the size of your existing accessories.

6.Where will the Bed Fit, and How Will It Get There.

Finally, it is important to consider the placement of your new mattress, where you will be placing your new mattress. Will your mattress fit in there? Or would it look a little bit cramped? If you get a bigger mattress as a king or California mattress will it get through your doorway? Therefore it is highly recommended that you measure the dimensions of your room before going mattress shopping. Ideally, you would need around two feet of room between the mattress and each surrounding wall or piece of furniture that you own.


Choosing the mattress of the right size is essential in providing you the comfort level that you expect from a mattress. You already have all the guidance that you would be needing to find in the right mattress size. Still, if you feel confused it is better to personally visit the store and check-in for yourself.