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What’s The Best Mattress For You?

Mattresses are an integral part of your bed and it is the mattress that determines the quality and quantity of sleep you would be receiving during your sleep. Therefore it is very much important that you choose the mattress of the right size and quality so that it not only improves your sleeping experience but also helps you to recover various other ailments of your body that came in as a side effect of sleeping on the  wrong mattress for a longer period as  back pain and stress etc

So while choosing a mattress there are various things that one must put into consideration, be it the firmness of the mattress,  the construction material used to make the mattress, budget, etc. But one of the core things that you must take note of before selecting the correct mattress is the size of the mattress. Finding the correct size mattress is important so that you have enough space to move around while you sleep and also it has enough space to stretch your legs while you sleep. Not only that if your bed is being shared by your partner, your kid, or your pet, you must make sure that you have the correct bed size so that you and your partner can move around and stretch easily with any discomfort. Besides these factors, your bedroom size also has an immense role to play in choosing your mattress. If you have a smaller bedroom and you purchase a California mattress it would not fit in that bedroom and would look grossly odd. Therefore it is very much important to consider the size of the bedroom before choosing the mattress.

In the following article we will  discuss in brief the various size mattress that is available in the market and how would you choose a mattress that meets all your requirements

Below we have mentioned a size chart of all the available mattress

SizeDimensions (In)Dimensions (Cm)
Twin XL38”x80”x11”99.06×203.2×27.94
Full Mattress54”x75”x11”137.16 x190.5×27.94
Queen60”x 80”x11”152.4 x 203.2×27.94
King76”x 80”x11”193.04×203.2×27.94
Cal king72 “x 84 “x11”182.88×213.36×27.94

After finding different dimensions of the mattress that are available in the market let’s briefly elaborate on those mattresses while doing a comparative analysis of the same.

Comparative Analysis of Different Mattress Type

Twin Mattress:- One of the smallest mattresses in the category measuring at 38”x75”x11 inches. This is an ideal mattress well suited for kids and growing teenagers but is not meant for adults as it controls their mobility. The bedroom size to adjust this mattress should be at least seven feet by ten feet.

Twin XL Mattress:- Measuring at 38″x80″x11 inches this mattress has an extra length of five inches to support sleepers who are relatively taller than others and love to have their legs stretched during their sleep. It would fit in a room of eight feet by ten feet in size and would be very popular among college-goers and in their dorms

Full-Size Mattress:- Full size mattress has the same length as a twin mattress but is wider than the twin mattress for people who would need some extra space to stretch. These bedrooms are ideal for people who have a smaller bedroom as these would be a perfect fit in their smaller bedroom. Measuring at 54″x 75″x11″ these mattresses are also considered ideal for the guest room as they would allow a single person to sleep comfortably. However, the deciding factor between a twin and a full-size mattress isparents usually buy twin mattresses for their kids and their bunk beds which they outgrow within a few years as they become teens and adults. Therefore they must choose a full-size mattress instead of a full-size mattress.

Queen size Mattress:– Queen size mattress measures 60″x80″x11″ and is wider and longer than a full-size mattress. This mattress is the most popular as it fits most bedrooms due to its sheer size. Additionally, these are the ideal mattress for couples.

King size Mattress:- Difference between a king and a queen mattress is the width of the mattress which is 16” wider. It is ideal for a mattress for couples who want to be accompanied with their kids or pets to their beds or those couples who want some extra space during their sleep.

California King-Size Mattress:- They are the biggest mattress size that is available in the market. Measuring at 72″x 84″x11″ these mattresses are designed for taller people with heights of six feet. These mattresses are ideal for master bedrooms and for a couple who want their pets and kids to accompany them to sleep.

Best Mattress Size for You

After analyzing the different mattress sizes there are certain factors that you must consider before choosing the correct mattress type.

The Measurement of the Bedroom:- Before you go shopping for your mattress you must have the right dimensions for your room as the mattress should fit your bedroom while leaving some space for movement and not looking cramped.

Body Size:- While considering buying a mattress you must be aware of the different sizes of people who would be using the mattress as it would determine how much space the people occupying the mattress would need. This would let them choose the right mattress.

Warranty and Trial:- Mattress are meant to last for 8 to 10 years. Most companies offer a 100-day trial therefore you must try the mattress before investing in it to use it. You must also check the warranty thoroughly before choosing your mattress.

Budget:-You must research a little to find the right size and quality mattress that would meet your expectations and still be within your budget.


It is not a difficult task to choose the right mattress but you must be aware of the purpose and the durability of the mattress that you would be choosing from. If you find yourself confused choosing the right mattress you must visit the store to trial the mattress and if the doubt persists choose the bigger mattress if your bedroom allows as you would always be useful.