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What You Should Not Do After Encountering a Car Accident?

With the notable rise in the count of a wide range of four-wheelers on roads and highways, the number of fatal car accidents has also increased significantly. As per a WHO survey report, nearly 1.35 million human beings meet their death every year due to road traffic accidents. Those who survive even after becoming victims of car crashes sustain minor or major injuries and psychological trauma. Family and friends of a car accident victim also go through a terrible time.

No one possesses any magical power to save themselves from car crashes. Still, it is crucial to stay vigilant while walking, cycling, or driving on the road. Despite staying careful and obeying traffic rules, you could become a victim of a crash and sustain injuries because of a third party’s negligence. Make sure that you do not delay contacting an Idaho car accident attorney if you experience severe injuries due to someone else’s carelessness.

Read the following to find out about all those things you should not do after you meet with a car collision.

Run Away from the Accident Spot

If you sustain minor injuries after encountering a car collision, do not run away or leave the accident spot. Instead, you should try to stop the automobile that hits your car. You could face a heavy penalty if you fail to stop the driver responsible for the car crash and subsequent damages and injuries. Get medical assistance immediately if you experience injuries because of the collision and report the incident to the nearby police station.

Avoid Contacting the Police

Staying away from contacting the police and reporting how the car crash actually took place won’t help you obtain compensation if you file an injury claim later. Regardless of the damages and injuries that you and your property sustain, it is vital to file a First Information Report (FIR) right after a car accident. The FIR will act as substantial evidence when you seek fair compensation for injuries and damages.

Miss Recording Crucial Information

Make sure that you note down as much accident-related information as possible. Use your smartphone right away to click pictures of the accident spot, the vehicle number that hits your car, damages to your property, and your injuries. Also, make a note of the time and date when the accident happens. Record all things that seem relevant to the accident case. All this information will come to your great help when you file an injury claim and seek compensation.

Listen to the Insurance Company 

Insurance company representatives will try to settle the accident case by offering you a certain amount as compensation once you take legal action against the at-fault party. Ensure that you do not agree to them and enter into any settlement negotiations without contacting a trusted car accident lawyer. Such representatives leave no stone unturned to take advantage of a car accident victim’s ongoing condition.

To prove the liability and use the third-party responsible for the car accident, ensure you have a professional car accident attorney beside you. He will help drive claim approval and the rightful compensation for property damages, injuries, suffering, and lost income. Also, keep in mind that you must not accept any payment from the liable person or entity right after a car accident.