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What makes you agree on travelling to the London Eye?

Have you ever heard anything about the London Eye? Why the London Eye is so popular? What are the most interesting things that first-time visitors should know about the London Eye? These are the few questions in your mind when you visit London for the very first time. As there are lots of travel attractions and destinations in this city, you would be curious to know which the best destinations to explore. For the same purpose, why don’t you take a look at our now. 

According to some reports and surveys, the London Eye is one of the most prominent and popular travel attractions in London that people want to visit more than any other attraction. First of all, you need to know that the London Eye is a massive Ferris wheel that is located near the banks of the river known as the Thames. 

Not surprisingly, if people call the London Eye as the Millennium Wheel. In addition, you can know this particular place by several other names in which British Airways London could be the most prominent one. If you hear about the EDF Energy London Eye then London will be the same place.

Great reasons to visit the London Eye:


  • Explore views of London


First, you need to know that the London Eye is a must-visited place in London. Whether you want to go with your friends or family, this is a great place to explore. Your experience can become even better as you can and get the views of London privately from this place. 

Walking around the London Eye, you get an enormous chance to explore different British landmarks. It will be a blessing to see the twinkling lights on various structures. The most picturesque views of this London could be enjoying to see the lights reflecting on the Thames River’s water.

It is best known for providing a magnificent view of the Buckingham Palace. If you have a premium quality camera, then you can capture thousands of pictures at this special spot.


  • Acquire a 360-degree view of London 


Do you want to get a 360-degree view of London? If yes, the London Eye would be a preferable tourist place that you should visit. You will be able to see some of the most attractive and popular landmarks in London from this place. This is going to be yet another considerable reason that can make you agree on visiting the London Eye.


  • Experience of 4D cinema 


One of the more promising thing that can make you agree to visit the London Eye is the 4D cinema experience. Yes, you can get a 4-minute 4D cinema experience before you explore the rest of this place. It is a great way to take a glimpse at the most popular infrastructure in London. This place can also give you an interesting view of 3D photos.


  • A must-see place of London


Whether you talk about the most iconic places in London or the most-visit places in London, the London Eye would always be one of the top landmarks to visit in London. If it is your first-ever trip to London, then you cannot miss out all such fun and adventures that millions of tourists experienced at the London Eye. 

Let’s know about the London Eye a little bit more with our introduction now:

History of the London Eye

When you want to be familiar with the London Eye, you must know that it was designed by various Architects who really done great work. If you talk about some popular Architects who design the London Eye, you can remember Steve Chilton, Mark Sparrowhawk, Frank Anatole, David Marks, and Julia Barfield like several other architects.

On 31st of December in the year 1999, the London Eye was officially released by the Tony Blair. However, this place was not public pending the 9 March 2000.

Dimensions of the London Eye

Without any doubt, people compare the design of the London Eye to any massive bicycle wheel. It is also necessary to know that this Ferris wheel is nearly 200 times bigger than any average wheel of your bicycle or bike. If you talk about the tallness of this structure, it is about 135 meters. On the other hand, you can consider 120 meters diameter of this wheel. 

If you talk about the tallest Ferris Wheels in the world, you definitely need to take the name of the London Eye. At the present moment, it is the tallest Ferris Wheels in Europe. The highly attractive sight of London is now one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in the world.

When to visit the London Eye? 

When it comes to visiting the London Eye, you must know about the time that would be best to explore its beauty and fun. According to the experts, you can visit the London Eye during the early opening hour or right before the closing time. However, the time between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. is the busiest period for visiting London. For more details, you can visit the right now without any doubt. 

With the help of the mentioned above, you might have all the important details about the London Eye. Now, you need to decide when to visit this iconic landmark in London.