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What Duct Cleaning Involves and Why It’s Important

The purpose of duct cleaning in Melbourne is to clean out all the dust, allergens, dirt, pet dander, pollen, mildew, mould, bacteria and toxins that get caught in your ducts. Not to mention the odours from pets, household cleaning products, smelly foods and tobacco that can be absorbed by these particles in the vents. These unpleasant aromas are then propelled into your living space whenever your cooling or heating system is activated. The only way of fixing this is to hire a company for duct cleaning in Melbourne.

What’s the Process for Duct Cleaning in Melbourne?

Cleaning Out the Furnace

During duct cleaning, the furnace will need to be cleared of dust and debris. The front of the furnace is removed and vacuumed. Next, the coils and blower unit are cleaned with special equipment. These steps sound simple, but they’re essential to the effectiveness of duct cleaning in Melbourne. A cleaned furnace is much more efficient and carries a dramatically reduced fire risk.  During this part of the process of duct cleaning, the furnace is usually inspected for any worn out parts that might need replacing, and the furnace filter is usually replaced.

Removing the registers and cleaning them is also an important part of duct cleaning. While the registers are out of place, the surrounding areas are vacuumed to get rid of dust and dirt that has accumulated there. It’s essential that the registers are actually taken out to ensure the most thorough clean so you can really get in behind the grates. When you’re considering hiring someone for duct cleaning in Melbourne, make sure you ask questions to ensure they do a really comprehensive job.

Cleaning Out the Ducts

Professional duct cleaning will involve cleaning out the ducts with a speciality high powered vacuum. This vacuum is only used for cleaning ducts and is designed specifically for this job. The equipment should push any dirt or other particles it picks up outside away from the house,ensuring the dirt and debris doesn’t enter your home. Duct cleaning in Melbourne will usually take around 3 hours for a medium sized house. The dirtiness of the ducts, the size of your homeand the number of registers you have will affect the time taken to complete the job.

Why Duct Cleaning in Melbourne Is Important


There are many allergens hiding in the dust in your ducts, so hiring someone for duct cleaning in Melbourne every few years will drastically improve your family’s health, especially if any family members have allergies or respiratory conditions.


Nasty bacteria, unhygienic particles and odour-absorbing pieces of dust could be accumulating in your ducts, not to mention faeces from vermin. All of these things make for an unsanitary cocktail of things which you’re breathing in every single day. Better home hygiene begins with regular duct cleaning in Melbourne.


Dust and other particles building up in your furnace could pose a very real fire risk to all family members living under your roof. Any respectable company offering duct cleaning in Melbourne will clean your furnace meticulously, mitigating any fire risk and ensuring a greater degree of safety for your whole family.