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What are the duties of the PWD minister in Punjab?

PWD minister Punjab

The PWD is the government agency for planning, constructing, maintaining, and repairing all works and buildings funded by the government’s civil works budget. With the help of this article, you will know about the roles and responsibilities of PWD minister Punjab of Sh Vijay Inder Singla.

What are types of departments are controlled by the PWD minister in Punjab?

The Department of Public Works is divided into two departments: the Department of Water Resources and the Building Organization.

The Public Works Department (PWD) is one of the oldest government departments in Punjab. The organization strives to provide better services to people by acknowledging today’s neglect. This department is doing its best to provide better service with this long-term vision. Building Organization offers structural safety for all public buildings that use the latest technology and comply with the requirements of the Indian Standard Code, architecture, and history of beauty, archaeology, and iconic symbols.

Department of Public Works on building and maintenance of facilities for government agencies such as schools, educational institutions, families, welfare institutions Shelter (Judges, Transportation, Prisons, Fire and Rescue), Agriculture, Animal Husbandry milking and fishing Tourism and Arts Department of Culture, Department of Labour and Employment and social welfare. The Public Works Department provides quality services for safe government buildings at reasonable prices using state-of-the-art technology and years of practical experience.

What are the duties of the PWD Minister?

The duties performed under the authority of the pwd minister Punjab are given by,

  • Planning, design, construction, and maintenance of government buildings which are government assets.
  • Construction and maintenance of monuments and memorials within government boundaries.
  • Implementation of area development projects in areas approved under MLAs and MPs is a deposit job.
  • Disaster construction operations such as the construction of the Tsunami Restoration Project.
  • Renovation and restoration of heritage buildings.
  • Construction of buildings for federal affairs, State universities, etc., is a depository job.
  • Conduct research and development of materials and construction.
  • Building valuation at the request of the Department of Surveillance and Anti-Corruption and Judiciary.
  • Assess the structural stability of public buildings and issue a certificate of reasonableness for renting private buildings used by government agencies.

What is the latest update in the PWD ministry in Punjab?

Mr. Vijay Inder Singla, Minister of Public Works of Punjab, published the Common Schedule of Rates (CSR-2020) No. 4 and Mr. Vikas Partap, President of the Public Works Department. Singla said the state government is working extensively for the development of the state. Even under the sudden, unprecedented economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 situation, the minister said the demand for contractors and labour economic upgrading was considered while preparing new costs.

The PWD minister presents a letter of thanks to the PDRC staff for their continuous work for two years in order to prepare the latest CSR. Meanwhile, Secretary-General Vikas Partap further explained that the new edition had been hit. The current market rates have been studied and carefully considered, including multiple new items, eliminating the need for out-of-schedule items.

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