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What are the different Ways to Decorate your Dining Room Table?

Decorating your dining space is not a difficult task if you have a basic idea about it. This becomes a need many times when you host a party or invite someone for dinner at home. Just by arranging the table decorations properly, you can create a unique ambiance and mood to throw a memorable dining experience to the guess.

When it comes to dining table décor, whether you are planning to create a seasonal display or make it a focal point, the essential thing to consider is the table runner or tablecloth. This simple prop of table decoration is now available in many colors, textures, and fabric to choose based on your preferences and the nature of the diners.

Use of tablecloths

Tablecloths are considered to be the cornerstone part of any good dining experience at households or party destinations. These act as a different mode of reflecting the holiday or party flair by unifying all decorative elements on a proper table setting. A dining room table cloth, by default, acts as a practical element of decoration which not only adds elegance to the dining table but also insulates and protects it. Here, we will discuss some cozy tablecloth arrangements to give your dining space a unique look.

  • Arranging it lengthwise

As we have seen at most of the places, tablecloths usually lay on the table lengthwise by centering across the table. Standard tablecloths have enough length in order to leave the borders to hang down over the edges. With this, you may try some unique looks to see the results. For this, first, take the measurements as the length and width of your dining table and then choose the tablecloth which can at least hang over the edges by around six to twelve inches.

You may also try to mix up things by pairing a couple of table runners lengthwise to put across the table overlaying one on either side from the edges. With this, you can give it a whole new look by coordinating it well with the placemats, napkins, chargers, and the centerpieces.

  • Make it short and sweet.

As we see, the use of formal table runners traditionally span across the entire length of the rectangular or round dining tables, but the shorter tablecloth may also add more contrast to any casual table setting. A shorter tablecloth can also have the same impact as of a larger one, but you should have to show off the gorgeous surface of the dining room table even to the diners. For this, choose an appropriate table cloth, which is actually shorter than the length. It is an ideal arrangement to be clubbed with candles as the shorter table runners may catch the wax and help keep it off the table surface.

  • Go wider

If you are thinking of a less formal arrangement of the tablecloth, then you can consider short runners and spread it widthwise on the table. Across the dining table, this will give a feel of visual unity. However, if the dining table is long, then the table runner placement widthwise may feel like a physical divider between the tablespaces.

However, there is no hard and fast rule in terms of the arrangement of tablecloths, but you are free to try out any combination or arrangement in order to give your dining space a unique and favorable ambiance.