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Ways to Make Money as a Student

Getting to college is many people’s dream, and many people also say that college was one of the best experiences in their lives. College not only gives you countless opportunities to gain new knowledge but also enables you to experience many new things. You can get to know new people, get new hobbies, and start planning your future career.

Although college offers many great opportunities, you can only appreciate this period of your life if you can afford everything you need. Tuition costs grow all the time, and students need to handle many everyday expenses. For the majority of students, college is the beginning of their adult lives, and being financially independent isn’t easy. Fortunately, you can earn money as a student in different ways.

First of all, you should keep in mind that, even if you have a job, you should still put maximum effort into studying. Maintaining a balance between working and studying is always a challenge so you should define clear priorities and make sure that your work won’t undermine your academic performance. We analyzed common job opportunities for students and selected options that won’t make you sacrifice your studies.

Before we consider jobs for students in more detail, we want to indicate that you shouldn’t expect to earn a lot by following our tips. These are types of work that don’t require much effort and allow you to earn reasonable money so that you can have some extra cash.

How Students Can Earn Money

You may find many suggestions on how to make money on the internet, but not all of these articles consider the impact of work on studying. We only selected job opportunities that won’t distract you from studying because we want you to be able to succeed in college while also having some additional income.

It’s impossible for students to allocate time for a full-time job so considering such options makes no sense. We found many options so that you can choose something that meets your needs and preferences. Technically speaking, these opportunities are not classified as jobs, but they will help you earn some extra money to make your life much easier.

1.     Online search

You might be surprised by the fact that you can make money by simply searching for something online. This isn’t really a job, and this option doesn’t require you to allocate time for any tasks. You’re using online search all the time, anyway, so there’s nothing wrong with using this chance to earn money.

You can visit and install its browser extension. Once you’ve added Qmee to your browser, you can just search for anything you like, and you will find some sponsored links among the results. Unlike many other platforms of this kind, this platform enables you to earn not rewards or bonuses but real money. You can withdraw the money to your PayPal account at any moment, and the whole system is very user-friendly.

2.    Participate in surveys

Many students earn money by participating in online surveys. There are dozens of companies that need people for product testing and surveys. Such a method of making money online won’t distract you from education because completing surveys doesn’t take much time.

Although you won’t make a lot of money this way, surveys can help you earn a few bucks or other rewards. Swagbucks is one of the best sources with paid surveys. The only issue with this platform is that finding high-paying surveys can be difficult.

3.    Use “get paid to” websites

Some websites offer different ways to make money. “Get paid to” websites work similarly to survey platforms, but in this case, you have much more options. Here, you can earn money for completing different tasks. For instance, you can be rewarded for installing apps, playing games, etc. Some tasks may actually be quite lucrative.

The tasks that you can find on “get paid to” websites are simple so they are a great solution for students who need extra cash but don’t have a lot of time. We recommend that you check out Toluna. This is a great “get paid to” website where you can earn money easily. However, accumulating some decent money will take time.

4.    Write reviews

Modern students spend a lot of time online, visiting various websites and downloading countless apps. If you’re also addicted to your smartphone, you can turn waste of time into a source of income. All you have to do is surf the web, install apps, and leave your reviews.

A great platform where you can earn money by providing feedback on apps and sites is Most reviews take less than 30 minutes to complete and cost about $10. Therefore, it’s a great solution for students who have tight schedules. However, if you decide to increase your income, you may spend more time on such sites so make sure that this source of income won’t damage your academic performance.

5.    Sell your notes and textbooks

If you’re a determined student, the very process of studying can help you earn some money. Many students might appreciate your notes so you can sell them to help others learn what you already know. Selling notes is a great solution for students from different areas, and it doesn’t require you to do anything except studying.

You may simply talk to other students and offer to sell your notes, and you can also use various online platforms that help students like you quickly find buyers. Just upload your notes and state your price. Whenever someone decides to download your materials, you will get paid.

Nexus Notes is a good platform where you can sell your notes. This site is free to use, but it earns a commission from each purchase. You should upload your documents in PDF format but you don’t need to type them because this site accepts handwritten notes, as well. The best thing about selling your notes is that you can get paid for something you’ve already done. However, there’s no guarantee that someone will actually purchase from you.

There is also another thing that other students certainly will be interested in, and it’s textbooks. You won’t need your textbooks next year, but younger students will so selling them is a great idea. Many textbooks are very expensive so students will be happy to save a few dollars and purchase a used book from you.

Although you won’t be able to turn selling books into your regular source of income, we recommend that you use such an opportunity. You can advertise your books in college, and you can even sell them on Amazon. Just keep in mind that you need to pay a fee when selling something on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

Many students need some extra cash but don’t have time for a full-time job like writers at Fortunately, there are many opportunities for students to earn some money, and most of them don’t take much time. You can capitalize on participating in online surveys, reviewing platforms, and even searching for something on the internet. Our list of money-making opportunities for students will help you earn some money while also being able to dedicate enough time to your studies.