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Ways to Have Fun in 2020 – Staycation Addition

With summer well underway it’s time to think about weekends and vacation.  Whether you’re on a budget or simply looking for some fun staycation ideas we’ve got a few suggestions for you.

Invent a Game

There has been a unique rise in people’s interest around board and card games.  In fact, it’s one of the most funded entrepreneurial endeavors on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.

Whether it’s your own version of the classic minigolfer or a throwback 8-bit video game consul, games are flooding the marketplace with a little something for everyone involved.  So, why not build your own?

It takes a little imagination and some cut and paste skills but it’s worth a go, and you might be surprised just how creative you are.

While the steps can vary for everyone, you can start by picking a style of game that you would like to create.  For board games, by far the easiest way to start, think of two or three of your favorites that already exist and begin to imagine what it would look like if they were somehow combined.

Then, sketch the whole thing out in a notebook.  Get a feel for what it might look like and how the pieces could flow around the board.  Think of different traps or treasures and go with a “no limitations” mindset (it’s always easier to edit back your ideas later).

From here you move on to create the board.  You can do something as simple as use different pieces and colors of construction paper or get fancy and design the squares on your computer.

Really, the whole experience is up to you.  Whether you want cards or dice or something other elements to move the player through the game.  And let’s not forget about the player pieces!

Why not give it a go and create your own little board game world.  Whether it’s just for your friends and family or you take it to the next level, this is guaranteed to not only pass the time but will also be an experience you’ll never forget.

Create Your Own Casino

Online casino gambling is something people can do to add some excitement and enjoyment to their day without leaving their backyard. In fact, with a little imagination and the proper mood lighting, you could set up a full casino experience in your living room.  It’s all about getting in the right headspace.

What you will need to do is, find the right online casino that has the widest offering of gaming opportunities.  There are some incredible online casinos that offer all the games you know and love from casino resorts. Blackjack is a popular game that works well in this scenario. And, because you have access to the Internet, you can learn the rules associated so that you can be an informed player and possibly a casino host for your friends and family.

Poker is another popular casino game that you can enjoy. The setup for online poker is perfect because while you are still at home, you are playing against other players just like you would if you were in person. 

In addition, bluffing your opponent becomes an interesting new challenge because nobody can see your face while you’re making your wager on the next card in your hand. Of course, the other players can do the same to you which only makes the game more exciting. 

There are places you can go online to learn the rules and strategy of poker before you start to play which is another advantage to wagering at an online casino.

Many other games are available at online casino sites across Canada that would make your home casino experience even fuller.  Games such as slots, sports betting and roulette. Whatever your favorite game is, you can find it online and bet legally and safely while remaining in your own home.  While you’re at it, add a little flare and decorate the living room.  Maybe even pump in some ambiance casino noises and let your imagination take you away.

Make a Time Capsule

Does anyone remember making a time capsule with their class in middle school?  The idea was simple, everyone was to bring something into the class that represented them in that exact moment of history.

Little notes were created that went along with each item to explain their significance and who they belonged to.

A date was set for when the time capsule would be opened in the future and, depending on your school or who you were doing this with, you would bury the time capsule and create a sort of treasure map for future generations to discover.

You would be surprised the sentiment that can flood in to something as simple as collecting and putting together a time capsule with the people that you love and the fun of creating a treasure map is more significant than one might imagine.

To be honest with you, there are so many ideas for people looking to have a good time on a budget or for a staycation.  These ideas are the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  Get creative and make memories that will last a lifetime.