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Use All Potential Marketing Tools And Instagram Analytics For Your Benefits

There is no shortage of useful features and potential tools on Instagram between ads, posts, and stories. You can use all the tools and analytics for your benefit especially if you want to promote your business and create more awareness of your brand among the users.

Assuming that you already know how to create your business profile and have a fair bit of knowledge about the common terminologies in Instagram, here is how you can use these Instagram analytics and tools to build your business.

Add professional-looking photos

Instagram, as you may know, is essentially a photosharing social media platform. Therefore, it is essentially required that you share pictures and photos that are visually pleasing in your content. If you use generic photos it will not create the desired impact on the minds of the viewers. Make sure that you:

  • Select the best, most meaningful and relatable photos
  • Edit them to make more appealing and
  • Take your time to make sure that you have created a most cohesive grid on Instagram.

When you add a new picture, tap on the camera button located at the bottom of the screen. You can select a specific picture from the camera roll or even take a new photo. Also make sure that:

You select one of the best options from the multiple choices offered on the next screento personalize your post

  • Add a filter
  • Tag the other users
  • Write an attractive caption and
  • Add a location.

If you wish, you may also turn off comments with the advanced settings on this page.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features of this most popular photo sharing channel. The photos and videos disappear after 24 hours of posting. You will come across several useful tools offered by Instagram that will make it easy to create more engaging and creative Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are most favorite tool for the small businesses that finds it easy to market their products and services when they use these. These stories help them to get their messages across to their followers more easily as opposed to other social media channels. It will also reach to users who do not see regular Instagram posts in their feed due to the latest updates to the Instagram algorithm.

On Instagram Stories you can post different things that are related and relevant to your business such as:

  • Recorded videos
  • Live videos
  • Still photos
  • Boomerangs or videos that loop back and forth
  • Music
  • Basic text and
  • Focused photos.

You can also include stickers like your location, user tags, the temperature, and hashtags. In addition to that you can also use stickers for questions and polls along with sliding bars that will help you to interact with your users more easily and get revenant feedback.

The most unique tool on Instagram is the Stories Highlights which when included will help you to draw more attention of the users to your brand. These Stories Highlights much unlike the Instagram Stories will remain on your profile until you remove them. Take help of Stormlikes if you are confused.

Instagram Analytics

When it comes to Instagram analytics, you will find there are many that will help you you’re your business marketing efforts.

One such is the Instagram profile analytics. This is the one that you can directly access through the “My Profile” page. This page will show where your posts live and the insights for a week. This analytics will help you dig into different useful analytics such as:

  • The impressions which is the number of times people have seen your posts during the given time frame
  • The interactions which is the number of actions taken by the users on your account
  • The reach which is the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts
  • The profile visits which is the total number of profile views over that week
  • The website clicks is the number that denotes the times visitors have clicked on the link to your website while visiting your profile page
  • The call or email clicks which is the number of times visitors have clicked this button on your profile page and
  • The mentions which are the number of times users have mentioned your account handle to other users.

Another useful analytics is the Instagram Audience Analytics that helps you to know who your target audience is according to the demographics of followers you are pursuing and whether or not they are ideal for it. This analytical tool will allow you to see whether your audience aligns perfectly with what they are seeing and interacting within your Instagram posts. The main factors that you should pay attention here are:

  • The top locations
  • The age range
  • The gender
  • The follower hours and
  • The follower days.

You can also use the Individual Post Analytics of Instagram to determine how a particular message is resonating with the target audience. The statistics available through this analytical tool that will enable you to see how well your content working with your audience is are:

  • Interactions: These indicate the direct actions taken on your posts whether it is for visiting your profile, using the call or email button or a hyperlink.
  • Discovery: This Instagram feature allows you to find new content from other accounts that may not be following currently.
  • Follows: This indicates the number of new followers you received.
  • Reach: This tells how many unique accounts your post has reached to.
  • Impressions: This indicates the number of times your post was viewed.
  • Saves: This is the number of unique accounts that saved your post to their personal older.
  • Comments: This signifies the number of comments received on your post.

Lastly, the Instagram Stories Analytics will provide different statistics that will help you to track:

  • The impressions
  • The reach
  • The exits
  • The replies and also
  • The people insights.

All these analytical tools provided by Instagram are equally helpful for businesses with different characteristic features of each. You will need to know which to use and for which purpose.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith is the owner of a fashion brand, and she has admitted to using her social media profiles for gaining website traffic. She also visits Stormlikes for getting more likes on her posts.