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Use a Translation Services Market Report to Stay Aware of Events

With the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the translation industry, a translation services market report keeps you up-to-date on all the mergers and acquisitions in this fast-growing industry.

The translation industry operates quite differently than many other sectors. The nature of translation services means that firms specializing in translation and localization are frequently on the lookout for smaller firms to merge, acquire or partner with. These target small firms will offer translation into less requested languages.

The goal of these mergers is to offer as complete a language service as possible. The more languages a firm offers in their translation services, the greater value it will be able to provide for companies wishing to expand their products and services into different markets around the world.

Being able to offer long-term translation and localization services to large, multi-national brands is the goal of translation firms, and it’s the reason for the continual drive to expand by way of mergers, partnerships and acquisitions.

Translation Services Market Report

Slator is a company that acts as a sort of a clearinghouse for everything related to the translation industry. From holding conventions and seminars to ranking the translation firms and providing information on the various specializations within the industry, the Slator website serves as a valuable reference site for both public and private sector enterprises looking for translation services.

Slator also offers a translation services market report that both private companies, NGOs, and governments use to locate the perfect translation firm for their specific needs. This market report offers up-to-date news of the current resources and services available from all the translation firms in the world that have registered with Slator. And because Slator is such a valuable resource to enterprises in the market for translation services, most of the world’s translation firms are registered on it and use it as an effective marketing tool to reach their clients.

Connecting Markets Around the World

For companies and manufacturers in the private sector, it makes sense to give their business to one translation firm that is active in all the countries and markets they also have entered, both from a financial aspect as well as the ability to deliver a cohesive message.

Creating products and services that can be explored by one firm and translated into multiple languages at once is much preferable to contracting with many translation firms to do the same thing over and over. Not only will it save the client, money, but the corporate message and product descriptions they offer will offer the same accuracy across all the languages.

Providing Accuracy for the Public Sector

For the public sector, accuracy is the key to successful communications. NGO’s, non-profits, and governmental agencies turn to the translation services market report to avoid any confusion and miscommunication in their stated missions overseas. They know that the more experience a translation firm has in working in multiple countries the agency wishes to explore, the better their services generally are, and the less likely costly mistakes in communication will be made.