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Understanding the difference between RO and Ultraviolet Systems

The most common type of purifiers available are RO water or Reverse Osmosis and UV water purifiers. It is understood that RO purifiers are better than the UV purifiers as RO gives high level of purification while the UV purifier are united with various forms of filtration as UV light can kill viruses and bacteria.

RO systems

In this type of purifier, water is purified using the RO technology that is conflicting with the osmosis technology. Impurities such as dissolved solids in water are eliminated. But there are less chances of lessening unseen bacteria when compared to UV water purifier.

The RO purifier has a membrane that filters the liquefied solids and invisibles particles such as bacteria. It can decrease the germs in the water and is consequently a water cleansing procedure. With this purifier, filtering of microbes and chemicals protect health of every family member, as children are more exposed to get contaminated to foreign particles. The RO system moves the molecules from an area of higher solute concentration to lower solute concentration by means of the pressure of incoming water throughout the membrane and leaving the contaminants behind.

Thus, RO works by adhering to the process of the reverse of osmosis, and hence it moves the water molecules from high concentration to low concentration with the force of incoming water that thrust across the membrane. The left out particles and water are discharged through other outlet.

Ultra Violet (UV) system

UV system works with UV rays where the microbes and germs are destroyed with the assistance of UV rays after the RO stage and gives unadulterated and healthy water. This system can kill destructive contaminants and can be combined with other forms of filtration by lessening chlorine.

The UV water purifier makes water borne diseases motionless by divulging them to UV rays. It uses a UV light source which is escalated in such a manner that when water passes through in a flow is exposed to UV rays, infiltrate the cells of bacteria and annihilate their ability to reproduce. The germs are damaged with UV rays after the RO stage and gives pure drinking water.

 The RO water purifiers are more costly compared to UV water purifiers, but a buyer should consider cost of ownership along with health advantages. It is true that RO water purifier can cost double as much to a UV water purifier but in the long run, RO water purifier wins.

Water purifiers are necessary these days for drinking clean water to stay fit. When it comes to a trusted name then you should select RO purifier that come with UV gravity water purifier which doubles the protection against contaminated water. Moreover as UV water purifier has not been successful in giving completely clean water without the presence of any kind of germs this is why RO water purifiers are preferred over UV purifiers. In order to shop for RO purifiers at a cost effective price rate, you can check the online portals or can even visit the nearby store.