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Trending: Property Investments In Noida, India


Whilst there are many ways you can invest your money, one of the most popular ways right now is in investing in property. This method is gaining popularity amongst the general mass due to the so many benefits it has to offer. One of the many includes your tax benefits, wherein you can save a lot on the taxes you would have had to pay otherwise. Next is the stable income return, which happens when you put your property on lease and earn monthly rent without much of a hassle. Also, it is now a trend to buy a property and then lease it out to tenants on an agreement basis. This helps in clearing out your mortgage, while also earning profits from the same property. When you invest in property, you are the boss of yourself. You get to make all the decisions by yourself and plan what you want to do with your property accordingly. Basically, you aren’t answerable to anyone, unlink the case of your typical desk job. Another upside to real estate is that you can change it and improve it over the years. Renovate it, to be precise. This helps is increasing the value of the property, if the renovations are done keeping in mind the latest trends in the market. This helps in keeping the market value of your property stay parallel with the upcoming properties, and sometimes also boosts the value of your property.


Amongst the trending cities to buy property in India, Noida is a great option, because it is one of the most planned cities of the country. The main reason one must consider investing in this city’s property is the great increase in the number of employment opportunities in recent years, thanks to the numerous Multinational Companies setting their offices here. Next is the city’s proximity to the capital of India, Delhi, which is well connected by the metro rail network. But, the property rates for Noida are lesser when compared to Delhi, which is again a great point to note whilst investing in property. One can consider investing into some good 3 BHK flats in Noida, India with a slightly lesser budget than one would have required had he been buying it in Delhi.

It has been noticed that people from other countries and the NRIs have considered these reasons whilst investing into the properties of Noida. When one has a greater amount of money to invest in, buying 3 BHK flats in Noida, India is a worthy option to consider. Due to the increase in the number of working professionals in the city, there has been a hike in the demands for renting out flats. Whilst renting a flat, tenants look for certain points with regards to the flat. Some of them are the location, the flat’s proximity to hospitals, grocery stores, schools, etc. Noida takes cares of all the needs of the tenants, with a good number of educational institutions, healthcare institutions and entertainment centers all around the city. All these factors make the flats alluring to the working professionals looking out for renting a place.

If you have a slightly smaller amount to invest in, buying 2 BHK flats in Noida, India is just as good as option. With the exponential increase in the population of the city, there has been an equivalent increase in the demands for renting places.

Prime locations in Noida:

  1. Sector 19-20
  2. Sector 74-79
  3. Noida Expressway (Sector 98-150)

All of these sectors are preferred locations to buy a property in due to various reasons like their proximity to hospitals, schools, colleges, marketplaces, malls, parks, etc. They are also well connected with the Metro network, which is a major plus point especially for the working class, who travel to and fro from their office. These locations are also preferred due because they’re safe places for both families and bachelors to stay at.

All these areas will give out properties at a considerably high rate, around 50 lakhs to 1.0 crore, but then you can earn good returns on it as well, thanks to the location’s appreciation value.  If you are in the look for more pocket friendly properties, you can check out Greater West Noida which is also known as Noida Extension. You can get decent 2 BHK flats in Noida, India at this location. Overall, all the sectors have their own advantages, and you can choose what criteria you want to set while buying your property.


Investing in real estate is no child’s play, and you must be thorough with the entire process. First, do your research, keeping into mind all your needs and wants. Go with analytical approach, moving forward with your research giving more importance to logical and rational thinking rather than getting emotional. Next, calculate your expenses and your financial stability, then your budget to invest into the flat. Calculate the amount of money you already have, then the amount you would have to get as a loan. When you’re investing into your first property, it is always suggested to go for a low-cost budget home, where you don’t have to take a burden or a heavy mortgage. This always helps you manage your investments easily, and once you get a hand on property investment, you can then go on to buy more properties.

One of the most important factors while investing into property is the location. No matter what the size of your property is, in the end it all comes down to the location. Based on the location, the depreciation value or the appreciation value of the property is set. Investing into a smaller property at a good location is a better decision investing into a bigger property at a poor location. Taking into consideration all the factors, needs and wants of a general person, Noida, India is a good option to invest your money when investing into property.