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Tips For Succeeding In Exams

Exams are the primary concern in every student’s mind even before food, shelter, sleep and managing finances. Students spend countless hours studying and memorizing and despite all these, sometimes things don’t turn out good at last. Below are few guaranteed methods which will pace up your exam preparation success rate.


While reading exam questions one by one, go through all the details such as highlighting the key terms, what is being asked, marking scheme, marking distribution etc. This will help you to choose wisely between the various types of questions.

Short Questions

Solving two or three short answer type questions every day which are of 2-3 marks is the clever way to cover 1% of total marks of the paper. You could use various textbooks to answer them like solving questions which follow NCERT Syllabus For Class 11 Physics will build up the accurate information about important topics in your mind.


Developing a summary of a topic by placing the main topic at the center and drawing lines from it to various subtopics and mentioning along the keywords or relations on top of each line.


Begin with your favorite choice of topic before any other topic. This will ensure you are not nervous and remain comfortable while attempting questions and you can proceed sequentially then after.


Use the weekend to your advantage by attempting questions from previous year question papers and sample papers. Timing oneself is the best way to get acquainted by the time constraints. Solving questions following the NCERT Syllabus For Class 11 Biology will require you to make yourself familiar with the long answer, short answer, and very short answer type questions asked in examinations previously.


It is advised not to study beyond 10 pm and if you are left with energy then taking a walk will release endorphins in the brain which is a feel-good hormone. Being focused for hours will fry your brain and this activity should clear your head.


It is the most ignored fact while preparation. Students need to understand the already read concepts by rephrasing in own words instead of just byhearting the facts for the exams. They should demonstrate real understanding.

These were the few more methods for preparing effectively.  For an effective learning process, students can check out how the important concepts are explained in videos on BYJU’S by subscribing to our YouTube channel.