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Tips for Getting Rid Of Wasps in Your Home

In Canada, you will come across different types of wasps, of which yellow jacket, paper wasp, and bald hornet make a common sight. These are generally slim, medium-length species found in a variety of color combinations, such as yellow and black to a mix of black, yellow, orange, and brown. The wasp colony includes fertile females, males, and worker (sterile female).

Late summer and early autumn are the mating season for queens and males. Males and worker wasps die in the winter season, while the queens hibernate. During springtime, queens gather cellulose materials like plant and fiber and add their saliva into it to build a paper nest, which can house about 10,000 to 30,000 of them. It is essential to note that not all wasps bite. Only fertile females or queens and workers have a stinger.

Since wasps forage for food in the summer month and that’s when they come in contact with humans the most, they can show aggressive behavior. Hence, it’s better to control where they build their nest around your home. Some useful tips on this are given below.

How to control wasps?

  • Use commercial or homemade traps, such as ones made from pop bottles, to stop wasps from spoiling your picnic. However, remember these traps don’t kill them.
  • Replicate wasp nests with the help of paper bags or such materials and establish them in the middle of the March month to shoo away queens who are searching for a new foundation.
  • Spray insecticidal foam in the opening of the nest to close it and then, with the help of a straw, sprinkle the insecticide inside it in the right quantity.
  • Don’t go for destroying the nest on your attic as wasps are unlikely to return there. But you can spray the insecticidal powder on the opening so that the wasps that come in and out of it will carry its particle inside, which would ultimately cause others to die.

Avoid using fire or flashlight while dealing with them. Wasps are least active during evening or night as they cannot see in the darkness. When trying to kill them with pesticides, make sure you don’t throw the light from the flashlight on them. It can agitate them. Some suggest that yellow light attracts them; if you need light at all, then wrap red tape on the flashlight before using it.Also, fire can kill them, but it can be dangerous for your home.

Furthermore, some pest control experts recommend that you can leave the nest just like that if you don’t need to visit that area. The wasps will die in winter. And since they don’t reuse the same nest, you can easily knock it down during November or December without any risk.

However, whatever be the case, make sure you are alert to these species because sometimes their bites can lead to severe infections and death also. For safety reasons and help, you can get in touch with a professional pest control company. They can make your home and its yard wasp-free. If you have any urgent needs, consider visiting