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Tips For Ensuring Speedy And Almost Effortless House Cleaning

For deep cleaning homes, especially when you need to hand over a spick and span space to the homeowner, there is nothing better than hiring the services of professional cleaners for domestic cleaning in St Albans. For other times, doing your own home cleaning is always a better option because it not only saves money but when done regularly ensures healthy living.

Cleaning your home could take hours to complete but not always if you are aware of some professional tips that make the task easy. As the house cleaning seems too much time taking and laborious most people prefer to call a professional cleaning service to do the job.   But, there are always better ways of home cleaning by following these simple tips learned from professional cleaners. It will save you time and money.

Dusting is the way

The technique of cleaning and the choice of the right cleaning material help to do the work fast and efficiently. For example, it is better to use a feather duster than a piece of cloth for dusting. Feather dusters are highly effective in accessing places that are hard to reach and especially good for dusting blinds and pictures. It also helps to quickly dust off any other places with a light layer of dust on the surface. However, to remove the heavy layer of dust, you must use a vacuum or cloth.

Quickly remove soap scum

Never try to remove soap scum by rubbing because it will merely frustrate you as it would take a too long time and much effort. An easier way of doing it is to use a plastic putty knife to scrape it that takes half the time it would take to rub with a sponge.  Using liquid soap or gel soaps instead of bar soaps help top avoid future build up as it forms less scum. It would ensure that your bathroom remains as clean as ever.

Streak-free window glass cleaning

The biggest problem in cleaning widow glazes is the streaks left behind when using some window cleaner and paper towel. Newspapers are the best cleaner for small windows because rubbing it does not leave any streaks. For larger windows, using a squeegee will do the trick.  It helps to reach the edges where lots of dust collects, and the process is fast.

Maintain smell free disposals

The smell of the disposals can be a serious problem at homes. To get rid of it drop peels of orange or lemon down the drain and then flush the disposal with water at half pressure for 15 seconds followed by dropping some ice cubes into it. Fill the sink to half its capacity after turning off the disposal and putting the stopper on it. Remove the stopper, and as the water flushes the disposal, you get a sweet smell.

To speed up the vacuuming process of carpets, plug the vacuum cleaner to the central outlet that does away with the need of re-plugging it and saves time. If the cord of the vacuum cleaner is short, use an extension cord.