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Three Best Casino Games for the Nerd Herd

If you are an unashamed nerd, you are not alone. What makes you a nerd? That is pretty difficult to define. But being proud of your nerdiness is cool and do not ever let anyone rain on your parade for being who you are.

Before you bet on anything, you are likely to investigate your odds of winning and calculate what chance you have of making some money from a foray into the world of betting and gambling.For those nerds among us who favor gambling, here are some games to consider:

American Roulette

Unlike Russian Roulette, your chances of winning at a game of American Roulette are quite significant. Your probability of winning is about 50%, but this depends on how you play. This is because American Roulette offers you various ways to bet, and Parx Casino is a pa online gambling site that provides you with them all.

You can bet on high or low, odd or even, and red and black. Because these are 50/50 bets where there are only two potential outcomes, your odds of winning are higher.

As soon as you start betting on specific numbers, your chance of winning decreases. So, if you have been using your Netflix subscription to connect with your inner James Bond, now is your time to shine.


Craps is a game of chance played with dice, with its European counterpart known as Hazard. Your probability of winning a game of craps stands at about 50%.

During a game of craps, you play against the bank. Bettors place bets on the possible result of the roll of the dice. The dealer then rolls the dice and a player that correctly predicted the outcome wins.

There is no real strategy for winning at craps. So, put your analytical mind to one side, and play it on an online gambling site for the simple fun it offers.


As a card game, blackjack gives the player a 49% probability of winning. In a game of blackjack, you play against the dealer, either alone or with other competitors. Beating the dealer’s hand means being dealt a hand with a count closer to 21 than the dealer.

While many people believe that card counting to winning at blackjack is possible, it is more about chance than skill. However, with a steady hand and willingness to take risks, you have a good chance of winning.