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Things to do in Gare du Nord

Are you planning to visit Paris? It’s a great decision to enjoy some beautiful hours with loved ones on this kind of vacation. When you are waiting for a train in Paris near Gare du Nord? You do not need to waste your time when you can visit so many nearby fantastic places. Are you seeking the fanciest places in Paris? There are several places available to keep in mind. Let’s get a glimpse of the beautiful places that you can visit or see around Gare du Nord. While visiting the beautiful places of Paris, you might want to keep your luggage in a safe place so you don’t have to drag it around. For effortless traveling, you can get the LuggageHero services where you can store your luggage in local shops and hotels. 

Here is the list of several places that you would need to keep in mind. When you are staying near Gare du Nord station, you can explore several striking places. 

Maison fond

Gare du Nord station is located on the outside entrance of Rue Dunkerque. Here you can see many beautiful pieces of art. Maison fond is one of them – a melting house. The sculpture was created by the Argentinian sculptor, Leandro Erlich, created for the COP21 as a symbol of climate change. 

Le Manoir de Paris

Would you love to do something scary? Now you can visit one of the scariest things near Gare du Nord. If you love to watch horror films or hear creepy stories, the place is truly made for you. It is considered a beautiful ceramic place. Moreover, it is the first Haunted House of France. Still, it is known as one of the scariest places in Paris. Here you can enjoy the beauty of a frightening atmosphere with interesting special effects. All these effects are added to scare the individuals for an authentic experience. You explore one of the scariest places in the world!

Explore Canal Saint-Martin

On the other hand, you can visit a charming place that takes a 10-minute walk from Gare du Nord. Here you can capture the view of a narrow waterway that was built to get the freshwater into the Northern parts of Paris. Presently, the area has surrounded the canal with several boutiques, cafes or many things.

In the summer months, you will find a large number of interesting  things at this place. The place is considered a popular spot for picnic or simply enjoying the beautiful sunshine. So, why don’t you enjoy some beautiful moments at this place with your loved ones? It can be the best picnic place for the whole family.

Watch little India 

This locality is full of ethnic Indian stores catering to Indians and Sri Lankans Indians in very close proximity to Gare du Nord. You can make a trip to Paris to visit Little India. Here you can capture the beauty of grocery stores, Indian boutiques or delicious Indian restaurants. Once you visit this, you can experience a unique and multicultural part of Paris. If you’re visiting from India you can spend an evening there and feel at home.

Eat French food at Marché Saint-Quentin

For those who want to taste the deliciousness of different foods, Paris can be the best place. If you cannot fulfill the cravings of eating delicious dishes at Gare du Nordic then it is the perfect place to purchase French food that every Parisian would love to eat. At Marche Saint-Quentin you can get the best food there is.

Furthermore, you can eat the best dishes at the fish market, bakeries or many more places. You can satisfy all your cravings of eating the delicious dishes at little restaurants as well as you can experience the best wine. If you also love to eat seafood, you can find the best place to eat seafood in Paris restaurants.

Admire at Choco-Story

You never saw beauty of this kind in the entire life that you can experience at the chocolate museum. The Chocolate Museum is also known as the Choco-story and is located near to Gare du Nord. The place looks beautiful and seems to be a chocolate factory. If you want to see 4000 years of chocolate history, you can visit the place at least once. At this place, everything is made up of chocolate – clothes, chocolate sculptures and many more things – all made of chocolate. You undeniably visit the Museum to take some beautiful pictures of Parisian chocolate.

You never forget the beauty of the sweet cravings for Paris chocolate. At Choco-Story you can discover the history of chocolate, meet chocolatiers, taste as much as you like. You can even make your own chocolates in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The place truly allows you to have fun with all the family and eat so much chocolate that you will never forget that day. 

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