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The common questions emerging during the tenure of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the time where a lot of positive and the not so unwanted symptoms tend to appear. This is often the subject of discussion in the various pregnancy forum groups. Let us go through them as follows

Can you opt to consume medicines?

Before   consumption of any medicine check with your doctor. This might include pain relievers, and even over the counter medicines. There are certain medicines that can lead to birth defects all the more so taken during the first three months of pregnancy.

Would consumption of vitamins be possible?

As a pregnant woman you need to consume 400 mg of folic acid every day. This could prevent problems with the baby and even their spinal cord. Discuss with your doctor on whether you are going to need more than 400 mg.  Before you even get pregnant it is better to start taking folic acid. No point to consume minerals or vitamins without the approval of a doctor. This is the main topic of discussion in an online pregnancy forum.

Till what point of time you can keep on working?

Till what point of time you can work in pregnancy tends to varies for each person. The work environment and job does have an important role to play. Say for example radiation or elements in the form of lead or mercury can cause a lot of harm to your baby. If the job is an active one you might not be able to work a lot late. On the other side desk jobs is not going to cause a lot of harm to the baby or even the mother. At the same time the laptop should not be rested on the uterus or on your stomach.

How well you are overall does have an important role to play in your work style. If there is a possibility of early delivery then you might be asked to rest.

Is it possible to be part of an exercise regime?

Till you have any issues with pregnancy you should undertake regular exercise. This can help to reduce discomfort and embraces a healthy lifestyle. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. Discuss with your doctor any condition that may prevent you from opting to exercise.

Some women are of the opinion that exercise is going to make the process of pregnancy a lot easier. Swimming along with walking work out to be great choices. If one is not active during the tenure of pregnancy they need to start in a slow manner. Try to listen to your body and do not overdo things. To prevent dehydration or overheating try to drink plenty of water. Do keep away from exercises that might force you to fall. An example that comes to the mind is rock climbing. Contact sports in the form of soccer and basketball is avoided. If you have been active before pregnancy it is pretty safe to continue. Discuss with your doctor if you face any issues.