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The Best Areas in Sukhumvit to Buy a Condo For Sale

When people say they are looking to buy a house in Bangkok, they really aren’t saying anything descriptive. Bangkok is such a vast and sprawling city that each district feels like a city on its own, so much so that people don’t really leave their main area. One district that is perhaps the most popular is the Sukhumvit area, in large part because the first BTS SkyTrain line runs along the entirety of Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. Because of its popularity, there are many great condosfor sale in Sukhumvit.

But Sukhumvit itself is so big that there are small sub-districts along its entirety that spur off tangentially from the main road. Residents in Bangkok reference these sub-districts when they say where they live because they are so unique and distinct from each other. So, when you’re looking for a condo for sale in Sukhumvit, you really need to narrow down which sub-districts you’re interested in.

If you’ve lived in Bangkok for a reasonable amount of time, you may already be familiar with the different sub-districts and may already have an idea where you want to live. But, if you are new to the Thai capital, here’s a brief guide on where to look for condos for sale in Sukhumvit’s many sub-districts.

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Asoke is sometimes referred to as the “Crossroads of Bangkok” because of how important its main intersection is. To the east lies most of Bangkok’s residential areas, to the west starts the shopping district, to the north is another CBD in Ratchada, and to the south yet another CBD in Sathorn and Silom. 

Many prefer to live in Asoke because of how convenient it is to nearly everything in Bangkok, though one main drawback is the incredibly bad traffic on Soi Asoke. Luckily, you don’t need a car because both the BTS and MRT underground train intersect at Asoke, so you have access to both.

Thong Lor

Whenever there are new condos for sale in Sukhumvit, you can assume many are in Thong Lor. Thong Lor is a high-end part of Bangkok that caters to the young, upper-class crowd. Many of Bangkok’s best Thai clubs and bars are in Thong Lor, and many local celebrities choose to live and socialize there. 

But, people quickly grow out of their Thong Lor phase of life and like to move to a house in the suburbs. This means that turnover for homes is quite high. Still, the community is great and there are tons of great places to eat and socialize in close proximity. 

These are just two areas of Sukhumvit with condos for sale that are sure to be great options. As a person new to the city, you want to be close to the action as much as possible, so you won’t regret choosing Asoke, Thong Lor, or anywhere else in Sukhumvit.