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Ten Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Feminists

Gifting is a personal act that is steered by a salubrious dose of soul searching and rumination. It helps you discover the right thing to give to someone dear to you. Over here, we are talking about someone who is cut from a different clothing and yet is very similar to us. These feminist friends have appreciable values, and they support unquestionable movements. If you want to please them, you should select something that specifically evinces their values and conveys messages they seek to spread. So, do not get overwhelmed, it is not a very difficult task, it will be fun for you.  You have to just stay with us throughout the blog, and you will not be disappointed. 

In these swiftly changing times, the roles of women have changed drastically as well. They are not considered housewives anymore. Women have become entrepreneurs and revolutionaries as well, and they are putting their feet down to change the world for good. Men and women are almost equal in the current scenario. Yes, we are using ‘almost’ because there is a scope of improvement for the same. In the corporate scenario, many brands and businesses are talking about women empowerment. Some of them may want to look cool by doing this, and some of the brands are actually giving opportunities and working hard towards providing inclusive sizing and a safe environment for their women staff. There is no denying that ‘The Future is Female’ and some of you may want to celebrate the feminists among your group by gifting those momentous products.

If you want to avoid clichés of gifts and seek something significant; here, we have rounded up the perfect gifts for boss ladies and badass women in your life that speaks everything feminism stands for – diversity, equality, inclusivity, empowerment, and freedom. So, let’s take a look at the ten gift ideas for your favorite feminists.

  1. Socks

There is nothing more comforting and useful than socks, everyone wears them in their day-to-day lives, but if you are considering giving your feminist friend a pair of socks, then you must have something iconic printed over them. Custom socks will help you in that you can prepare socks as per your demand, so when you are planning to gift your feminist friend socks, then you can easily customize them as per their liking. These socks can depict the pioneer leaders of our times and inspire us to keep fighting for the ideology we believe in and care about. Each pair of comfortable socks can have powerful sayings or designs that reflect their personality. If the product is mediocre, then you can make it novel with customization. These can be perfect gifts for young and old feminists.

  1. Bags

Feminists carry confidence, and what is a better way to amplify that confidence than carrying a sustainable and stylish bag with art print. Colorful handbags add the perfect pop to any ensemble, and if done right, they can show the girl power the world needs to see. These sophisticated art print bags are a vibrant and versatile option to give a cheerful message of hope and equality. Pack the patriarchy in these custom bags and show the world who the real boss is. Gift a bag that shows commitment, strength, freedom, and equality.

  1. Pencil

Feminists are strong-minded people, they like to express themselves. By gifting feminist pens and pencil sets, you are helping them express their strong opinions to the world. Pencil sets could feature quotes from prominent women in history. So, if your favorite feminists like to write letters and encourage them by gifting a fun set of pencils. Bring these extraordinary pencils to your desk today.

  1. T-shirt

If you want to honor and asseverate your feminist friend with your thoughtful gift, then you can try gifting them the most iconic and inspiring t-shirts. Feminism blended with fashion is a lethal combination. Everyone loves a high-style t-shirt that has something to say, and feminist t-shirts have confident statements about the personalities. They are bold and beautiful, which must resemble your feminist friends. The fierce graphic design and quality fabric will definitely please them as they will feel comfortable and stylish while wearing them. So, give your feminist friend her new favourite t-shirt, which will impress her gal gang.

  1. Face mask

2020 has taught us many things, and it has changed our lives for the better or worse. We are not following the same lifestyle as before. Hand sanitizers and face masks have become an essential need in our lifestyle, so gifting a face mask to your feminist friend would not seem a bad idea. Face masks are available in various art prints to purchase, and you can choose the best face mask for your friend’s liking. Even they can reflect a person’s identity, and you can also gift face masks whose art prints make bold statements. During the pandemic, these masks will feel like thoughtful gifts.

  1. Spectacular Women ornaments

These spectacular women’s ornaments are useful for hanging decorations that will look wonderful on your Christmas tree. They are perfect for the holiday decorations, and they have a great display throughout the year too. From Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth to Jane Austen and Susan B. Anthony, these four females had a strong will, and they knew they were brought to life to do something more and extra special. So, when you give them to your feminist friend, they will also feel that you are complementing their strong persona through a thoughtful gift, and it will leave a positive impression on them.

  1. Storytelling art-print

Any art print telling an inspirational or motivating story will brighten up any wall and there are art prints available that reflect the true dream, culture, daily routine of people. Ana Leovy’s art print is such an illustration. The 100% percent cotton, acid, and lignin-free archival art print by Ana Leovy have the ability to impress anyone at first sight. In this art print she created three women having a conversation, it can resemble anything and it is the perfect gift for your feminist goal pals as the depiction of the girls can be a discussion of whether or their plan to pull down patriarchy slowly and steadily.

  1. Spa Set

Life has become very tough to endure, and many of us have to continuously try to keep our spirits high when life throws challenges after challenges. We all want to live a very peaceful life in a stressful environment as well, and therefore, every girl will happily accept a quality spa set. Essentially luxurious spa gift sets have many products like candles, lotions, bath soaks, room spray, and lavender-scented products. You can purchase a spa gift set by Thistle Farms as their community takes care of women survivors from abuse, addiction, trafficking, and prostitution. Thistle Farms gives them a safe place to live, food, healthcare, clothes, counseling, job training, and many more at no additional costs.

  1. Woman card playing deck

Are you up for a fun game night? If your gal gang loves to play cards, then a beautifully-illustrated deck of cards can prove to be a good option for you. They are as informative and educational as they are fun and lovely. It is not useful for playing only, but it also gives history lessons about the strongest women ever lived. The cards include intriguing facts, fascinating tidbits, and a synopsis of the most courageous and pioneering women’s life stories. Your feminist friends will get cards as a gift that is filled with inspiration and role models for them. Everyone will love the trivial knowledge the playing card gives, and the group will discuss interesting subjects while playing the same old game. Play, Learn, Discuss, and be inspired.

  1. Lipsticks or lip balm

Your lips deserve all love and care. Therefore giving lipstick or lip balm can be a wise choice. Lipstick gives women confidence, and their universally flattering shades leave a long-lasting impression on their colleagues, friends, or strangers. Lip balm gives your lips nourishment, shine, and smoothness it needs.

If you truly want to purchase something special for your feminist friend, then do not make quick decisions and take your time, check your options, analyze their tastes and needs. After that, pick your perfect gift. These options will serve as a guide to you. If you have better ideas than this, then try those as ultimately, the most important thing is that your friend gets a gift that warms their heart and works to empower women and the world at the same time. Over the course of time, they will tell stories of your gift to their loved ones and help rebuild their lives as well. In this list, we have tried to bring every gift possible which speaks the language of feminism and reflects what these bosses actually stand for. From diversity to freedom and empowerment, these gifts and some of the global brands are doing their best to support the cause and make this world a better society.