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Some Facts and Figures about Indian Jewelry & Gem Industry

The Gems and Jewellery industry occupies an important place in India. It is considered as a leading foreign exchange and fastest-growing sector in the country. The Indian jewelry industry is not only popular within the boundaries but also has made its way to the global market. There are two significant segments of gold and diamonds in this industry.

India has the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing industry in the world, which is supported by more than 50 banks and worth 75 billion USD in the international market. Moreover, it is the first country that introduced the modern world to diamonds; therefore, more than 55% of the diamond share value is under the name of India.

The modern Indian jewelry received today has a 5000 years history behind it. Indian jewelry is a striking expression of the country’s tradition and culture. Each piece has a significance and a reference in the literature associated with it. 

So the modern Indian jewelry industry is the result of thousands of years of hard work and persistence. People belonging to various cultures of the world are now a fan of traditional Indian Jewellery items. Many Hollywood celebrities and other Western people love to wear certain Kundan items on numerous occasions. Therefore you can find an Indian jewelry store not only in India but also in many parts of the world. 

Here the most common pieces of Indian jewelry and their significance is described. It’ll help you get familiar with each item and its usage according to the occasion, no matter if you are in Indian or not.

  • Jhumka or earrings 

Earrings are worn in all parts of the world. From the earliest time, real nodes are considered a sign of spiritual development. Earrings not only make the present look beautiful but are believed to protect the wearer from evil influences. They have some therapeutic windows in the Indian culture as well. 

There is no description of the event or age group; you can wear them in any style, length, metal, and color of your choice. 

  • Necklace

They are worn near the heart because, in India, necklaces are thought to strengthen the emotions and love. Also, in many countries around the world, wearing specific stones around the neckline bide oneself two stones powers and assign some magical properties to the wearer. 

You can find necklaces in a wide range; some will be in the form of a chain only while others can go double or tripled around the neck. You will also find some heavy necklaces that cover the whole neck and last up to a few inches below it.

  • Kada or bangles

They are meant to hear on the arms like bracelets. But bangles are much more creative and showcase much craft when ship using the shell, different metals such as gold, copper, and even diamonds. They are believed to showcase the superior variety, and their shape symbolizes the energy of the sun. 

Bangles are worn casually, but some colors and designs are associated with some special occasions such as weddings.

  • Payal or anklet 

They are worn around the foot joint. Usually, gold or silver is used to make the payal. They are sometimes decorated with gemstones as well. In India, mostly silver is used to make anklets because it is said that the skin absorbs silver if worn for a long time, which helps to increase the blood circulation and decrease muscle pain.