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Simple & Easy Ways to Save Up As A Single Parent

Being a parent can be one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and that only gets harder for single parents. One of the biggest problems single parents face is saving up for emergencies; there are just too many ways to spend money, especially when the parent is tired and faces the choice of ordering pizza or putting effort into cooking.

It can just be difficult to put money away when there are too many options that present themselves. However, with a little bit of planning, it can be easy to do, especially if you have any kind of organizational skills. It just requires a little effort and you should be able to save a lot in no time.

Healthy Body, Healthy Savings

Managing your health can help you manage your funds. The healthier you are the less you will end up spending on the doctor, and that can represent a lot of savings. A few simple fixes can help you maintain your health and thus keep you away from the doctor’s office.

You should start with your diet, and cut out a lot of the sugars and snacking. While sugars are okay occasionally, a proper diet should give you all of the energy you need, especially if it has enough green vegetables in it. You’ll also find that the more vegetables you eat the more your kids will eat as well.

Exercising to Better Finacial Health

Exercise should be part of that health plan as well. A fit body can avoid a lot of diseases and get over sickness if one is caught. Exercise also increases resistance to injury; not only are your tendons and ligaments more flexible, but your bones are denser as well. Also, with more muscle and less fat, you are leaner and more likely to avoid potential injuries but also find that you heal from them faster as well. You should also find that you have increased as well, negating the need for a lot of the energy drinks you are drinking for the energy boost, which helps save money as well. Combined with checkups you should be a very healthy person.

Eating Good Is Not Expensive

You should also consider where you buy your food from as well. You should always be comparison shopping, noting where various items are cheaper and avoiding one-stop shopping. A fairly decent strategy is to buy most of your food from a club store to take advantage of the bulk discounts as well as the grocery store for sales on a wide range of items. You should also mix in some time at the farmer’s market; it is not only a great excuse for some extra air but the food is also pretty good. Each area has those foods that are cheaper than other locations, and a good mix of fresh foods with frozen keeps you healthy.

Little Savings Add Up

All of these are relatively small-scale efforts; shaving a few dollars off food here and there and exercise will help you save hundreds if not thousands between actual savings and hospital costs; those savings can help you set aside money for a rainy day. You should also look at large-scale efforts as well, such as home insurance. Home insurance works two ways, especially if you have made sure that the content of the insurance covers everything: First, its contents cover you in case of just about everything from plumbing accidents to the total destruction of the home. That alone should cover the replacement costs of an accident.

Savings Begin at Home

Second, it forces you to look at your home a little more objectively. This means that you are now looking for potential issues and taking proactive steps to avoid small issues from becoming big ones, such as catching a mold infestation before it becomes a risk to the health of those inside the home. This means that you are saving money by not having to deal with all of the emergencies a less taken care of home would need to deal with.

This also helps to increase the price of the home should you decide to sell it at a later date, after all, a home that is proven safe and is well taken care of commands a higher price than one that is a danger to its inhabitants. Again, this is money that can be squirreled away for a rainy day.

In short, by taking care of yourself and your home you can save a ridiculous amount of money, and by doing so not only lead a better, healthier life but also have some funds available for a rainy day, or to ensure a very sunny day. Always keep your eye out for opportunities to save some money and your savings will appreciate it. However, keep in mind that you do need to spend money; save money, but do not be fanatic about it. After all, doing something nice for yourself every so often may stave off stress, and that helps your health as well. Save money, but do it in a way that helps you in the long run.