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Shipping from China to Japan

Because China and Japan are the biggest economies in Asia, trade flows between the two countries have become very important. There are several options for shipping your goods from China to Japan. But remember that you have to choose according to the type and size of your product. Let’s see how.

Sea freight from China to Japan

Japan is a country with very advanced ports and ship infrastructure. It also has many islands that have made sea transportation one of the most popular methods.

Sea transportation is efficient for you when your goods are large and bulky. This is the most cost-effective method for shipping from China to Japan. The busiest ports in Japan are Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe and Osaka. Tokyo and Yokohama are welcoming a huge part of the imports in Japan, while Osaka is more focused on the exports.

Due to the proximity of Japan and China, this method can work well. From Shenzhen and Hong Kong ports to Tokyo Yokohama, it takes 10 days with sea freight. From Dalian to Kobe, it takes 6 days.

Air freight from China to Japan

Here you can use three methods: standard air freight, mail and express couriers. China Cargo Airlines is providing direct flight to the Airports of Tokyo Narita and Osaka Kansai, from numerous Chinese cities. There are only 6 international airports for the whole country of Japan.

Here are the cities owning an international airport:

  • Tokyo; Narita and Haneda
  • Chubu
  • Osaka; Kansai and Osaka
  • Nagasaki

Your air freight transit time from china to Japan takes 3-8 days.

Necessary documents for shipping from China to Japan

You know that each country has its own import and export laws. Therefore, in order to avoid huge fines and long delays, you must submit your documents to the customs perfectly and on time.

  • Import permits in Japan. To release your goods, you will be given an import form by Japanese Customs. You must complete it and include it in your documentation. In this form, you must enter all the detailed information of the product. Also, the import declaration must be provided in 3 copies.
  • The CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN (CO). It wants accurate information about the origin and source of your goods.
  • AirWay Bill. It is giving information about the cargo. It is also testifying of the payment process between the importer or freight forwarder to the carrier.