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Road to Find the Best Property in Thailand

Owning a property either house an lot, a land, a condominium, a building, or even a simple home is everyone’s dream. It gives every family a sense of security that there will always be a roof over one’s head no matter what. But as with any dream, the road toward this goal is often intimidating that the first-time homebuyer is almost always tempted to settle with the first house that falls within his or her price range without giving the purchase a second thought.

To make matters worse, the series of taxes and fees that must be settled and paper works that need sorting out and completion are enough to make the first-time buyer feel hesitant and undecided.

Like any major purchase, buying a home requires a lot of research, plenty of help, and extended patience.

  • Proper Prioritization

    What are you looking for in a home? What kind of home or property suits your lifestyle? Choices of houses and apartments available out there are huge, and choosing one is perhaps the first big decision one needs to make. Think about whether you want to live in a single family home with a yard, a condominium or a farm.

    Also ponder the overall utility you desire. If you have a big family you might need more rooms and bigger kitchen. If you have a car you surely need a garage. How fancy and elegant you want your interiors and exteriors to be should also be considered. You may check some properties via ThailandFlat.
  • Search Online

    Due to modernization everything is posted on the internet. After you have identified the type of property you want and need, it’s time to research the market on what’s available out there. Do not settle for the first one that you will come across, Thailand Real Estate Industry has so much to offer. In fact, the Thailand Real Estate Market is booming, developers have plenty of units in their inventory.

Try researching about specific locations, mode of transportation available on the area, commercial areas available, nearest hospitals, malls and schools. You also need to consider the approval of local municipalities regarding the infrastructure to ensure the property is protected.

  • Create a Budget

Proper assessment of price that you can afford as of the moment is of big importance. You can always buy a property in a lump sum payment or apply for loans like bank financing or in house financing. Either of the two options you will use, you must be practical regarding the price because buying a property is a serious commitment.

  • Seek Help

    Consult you professional real estate agents. These are the people who can and definitely want to help you successfully make that purchase.

    Real estate agents will locate several homes that fit your needs, help you select the correct home, negotiate the terms and conditions of purchase, and generally help you through the process. Mortgage brokers will also help you find the mortgage loan with the best terms for your situation. Closing services will organize and manage the paperwork to assure a smooth transaction. New buyers are usually hesitant, but relying on professional advice can ease the tension. Tell the professionals what you want, and let them assist you.
  • Choose the Trustworthy Developers

    This is especially more important when buying a pre-selling property. According to Thailand-based Swiss lawyer Rene Philippe Dubout, developers can be generally separated into two main categories. First you have the top developers, most of which are listed and have substantial capital and a track record of success over the years. Purchasing a house from one of these developers is nearly risk-free, because these developers are concerned about their reputations but is a bit pricey and some are totally expensive.

    Alternatively, you have first-time developers, who, although not all are bad, are doing business against the odds. First-time developers have no previous record of success in real estate development, and because of their first-time developer status, it’s hard for them to access commercial loans to finance their projects.

So you better do further research regarding your developer.