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Recreate your travel stories when aren’t traveling to post on Instagram

You might be shocked to know that most travel content creators don’t travel full-time to create content for their travel blogs or videos. The pandemic has destroyed all our hopes to travel. We said goodbyes to our new year travel resolutions, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t want to see travel content!

With so much negative news everywhere, it is understandable to want and reminisce in travel content that brings nostalgia and happy memories. 

Here are 18 amazing ideas for your travel blogs, videos, Instagram stories, or Instagram post ideas for when you are not traveling. 

  1. Make it nostalgic!

Take a trip down memory lane and post about your past travels. Get creative and write stories about your experiences. It can be funny, scary, or enlightening. The key is to make the readers think about their past travels, bring them nostalgia and invite them to share their travel stories. Exchanging past stories can help you interact and build engagement with your audiences. Invite people to escape from the pandemic and reminisce on old memories. 

  1.  Talk about the pandemic 

Do not shy away from talking about the pandemic. After all, we are in this together. Talk about how it has affected you, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Readers are looking for authentic content, and they want something to relate to. They are curious about how avid travelers are dealing with the concept of staying at home. Invite the travel community to share their experiences and connect with them. 

  1.  Future travel ideas

Surely everyone has made a list of things to do once the pandemic ends. Travelers are looking forward to getting back to traveling once the pandemic ends. Post about travel destinations, accommodations, travel itineraries, tips, and advice for when life gets back to normal. Ask people where they would want to go next. 

  1.  Collaborate with a traveler from a different country 

Inviting people to guest post or do an Instagram takeover on your account is a smart and creative idea. Your guest traveler can do an Instagram Q&A and invite people to ask questions. Your audience will get a chance to know a different country and a different culture while sitting at home. It is authentic and interactive. You can also go live on Instagram with a traveler from a different country and interview one another to stay at home while sharing travel anecdotes and experiences of your countries. By doing this, you are offering two different perspectives to your audience, local and foreign. 

  1.  Share your travel outfits and travel routine

Post about your go-to travel outfits for maximum comfort while still looking good. Share your travel routine before departing for a trip. From relaxing spas to masking in flight, share your go-to routine for a transformation before the trip or to look your best when on the go. 

  1.  Check-in on your followers 

Given the current situation with the pandemic, it is a good idea to check in with your followers and ask how they are coping with the new normal. Ask them about their cities, encourage discussions and invite your followers to talk about their culture or their city’s heritage. Make an effort to know about your followers and connect with them. 

  1. Post memes about travel

Find out the new trends or a meme that has become viral. Using a funny viral picture or a video and making a meme out of it is a smart idea to bring in new viewers. Make people laugh, and they will keep coming back to your blog or account and share your content. 

  1.  Share your first travel experiences

Talk about the first time you took a flight alone, the first time you went solo traveling, or the first time you visited a new country. Your firsts might have given you confidence, made you feel more independent and alive, and a ton of different emotions. Share what you learned from your first experiences and what made you make the decisions. Narrate why you remember a certain memory or how it changed you. 

  1.  List travel accounts to follow 

List your favorite travel accounts and blogs to follow. Mention what you like about the blog and why you do so. You can curate more themes within this idea, for example; These female travelers are taking over the world! Best travel photography blogs, Top travel backpacking accounts to follow, and others. 

  1.  Make a post on work-from-home vacations 

Work from home has become the new normal. Due to lockdowns in most countries, people have adopted work from home to survive the pandemic. There are many travel destinations where travelers can rent an apartment or a house with a view to work. These workstations are social-distance friendly and adopt all the sanitation requirements. Post about these places and how working from a remote area can be peaceful and therapeutic. 

  1.  Recommend travel deals for the future

People are eager to travel, and there will come a time when all will become normal, and the travel industry will be in full bloom. Keep your followers’ travel plans post-pandemic prepared with travel deals with affordable fares, accommodation, and lifestyle. Curate a post on top places to visit post-pandemic and enlighten your audience. 

  1.  Offer tips on road trips on local wonders to visit 

Although there might be some travel restrictions and going too far from home may not be the best idea, people can still visit the nearby places in or near their city to satisfy the feeling of wanderlust. Making a post or create an Instagram story about exploring local sites. You can also suggest treks, campgrounds, or hiking trails away from the crowded cities in the lap of nature. These places are also safe to visit amidst the Coronavirus. 

  1.  Share useful packing tips 

You can center posts on “How to pack” on different themes such as a music festival, skiing trip, and nature safaris. Avid travelers often find it difficult to decide essentials, and your post can be a great help in deciding what a traveler needs on a certain trip. You can also write on how to fit everything in your luggage while still following the weight limits. 

  1. Share your favorite travel apps 

Another useful post can be a list of useful apps for travelers. There is a lot available on the internet when it comes to apps, from language translators and maps to apps for managing bookings. It can be difficult to choose a reliable app from all the options, and your post can make this process easy. 

  1. Share your bucket list 

Surely everyone has a bucket list, and one way of interacting with your audience is by sharing yours. Do you wish to go snorkeling and feed pretty fishes deep in the sea? Or do you want to experience paragliding while watching the entire city through a bird’s view? Post your bucket list, share why you have these experiences listed on your bucket list, and what you wish to learn from it. People love reading bucket lists because it gives them ideas to add to their own! Exchange bucket lists with your followers and connections. 

  1.  Make a post on working out and staying healthy while traveling 

Traveling can often limit your working-out options, and staying fit is one of the top priorities for some travelers. Make a post and compile ideas to stay fit and healthy during a trip. Mention what to eat and what not to eat in certain tourist destinations to stay healthy and enjoy the vacation. Advise on social distancing and sanitation. It is one of the most important details to address in the current situation. Enlighten people on ways on how they can stay safe from the virus while traveling. 

  1.  Make an Instagram reel on your past travels 

Compile all your past travel photos and videos and curate a photo diary or travel reel to share with your followers. This is also a smart way to showcase a destination or experience you have already written about or mentioned in your posts. 

  1.  Play games with your followers 

You can create story polls and travel quizzes on Instagram stories to make things interesting and fun. Post a photo and make your followers guess the destination or a place. A Travel “Would You Rather” is also very interactive or post two travel destinations and ask your followers to choose one if they had a choice. This will help you know your audience better and understand the current trends. 

To conclude, you needn’t always be on the go to create travel-based content. With most of the people trapped in their houses, a large percentage of people are on their phones looking for travel-related content. Get creative and try the ideas mentioned above to keep your followers entertained! These ideas will surely make interacting with your followers fun and eye-opening. Get curating your posts and stories now!