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Processing Visas for Shareholders when a new company is formed

There are several sorts of companies that can be incorporated in the United Arab Emirates. The jurisdictions and options are both different for different companies. For each jurisdiction, there are several requirements that should be fulfilled for the business type, office type, warehouses and more.

After the person is done with taking the decision regarding the business type, he should move forward for the visa formalities as well as medical examinations.

Visa formalities and medical examinations

Business consultants in UAE may guide you with each and every step of starting a business in Dubai, UAE. they are very well aware of the legalities and jurisdiction of company formation in Dubai, UAE. if you take the help of business consultants, you will be freed from any burden of visiting different offices and submitting and signing the respective documents. These firms carry out almost all the tasks for their clients and will not make their clients go here and there until or unless mandatory.

The business consultancy firms in UAE advise their clients about the most suitable packages right according to the needs and desires of the clients. they also ensure the success of their clients by all means.  No matter whether a person wants a general trading license, a specific trading license, an industrial license or any professional service regarding the business incorporation, they will provide the best services.

There are different questions that arise in the mind of the people while they are going for company set up in Dubai, UAE like how to start a business in Dubai or anywhere else in UAE. All these questions can easily be asked by the business firms in the UAE. this is because they know all the processes while keeping the laws into consideration. This makes the business setup Dubai processes quite easy for the clients so, they prefer consulting them for each and everything rather than carrying out the processes on their own.

Processing Visas for Shareholders


They will manage about the employees you should hire for your company as per its size and the incorporation you should go for. They will give you the best piece of advice while keeping in mind your financial stability.

Visa Processing & Stamping during company formation

Before proceeding with the whole process of company formation in the UAE, there are some legal formalities that should first be fulfilled. If a company doesn’t take care of them, it may face some serious problems. Business consultants guide the people step by step through all such formalities. Also, they try their level best to carry out the processes very fast.

After the person is done with the company formation as per the legalities, the process of getting the residency visa gets stared. A medical exam is mandatory for the residency visa and without it, no one can be granted the residency visa

The medical exam may take almost 5 working days but the medical certificate can be obtained urgently if needed.

After getting the residence visa approval, a simple process of entering it into the passport is carried out. You will get your Emirates Identification Card and you will be on the go.