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Photo booth vs Photocall: Which one do you choose?

Photo booth or Photocall? If you are organizing a wedding or event and you do not know which of the two to decide, do not worry, in this article we will show you what advantages and disadvantages each one brings so that you make the best possible decision.

When it comes to holding an event, you will surely think about how to give it some promotion and variety. To fulfill this objective there are the photo booth and the photocall. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, and here we will explain them to you in detail so that when you have an event, you can choose between the photo booth and the photocall. With the right choice, each of your parties will be legendary, and the memories of the guests will be the best.

We hope that the details we are going to leave you will help you and have no doubts about which one to choose at the right time depending on your event. Now that we have made a small introduction, we are going to start telling you about the advantages of the photo booth.

Advantages of the photo booth

There are 2 types of the photo booth, the closed and the open. Each of them has its advantages, but can be summarized in the following:

Photo booths can be personalized to measure for any event: With colors in the cabin or vinyl with photos of the hosts or with the company logo. This might be an important consideration when you buy a photo booth.

  • Photo booths offer the possibility to instantly share on social networks all the photographs were taken.
  • Some photo booths print photos instantly (in less than 10 seconds).
  • Commonly, filters can be applied to our photos: before they are printed (black and white, sepia filters, or a watermark with the company logo).
  • Closed photo booths can fit from 1 to 10 people. Open photo booths cover much more people but are less intimate than closed photo booths.

Advantages of the photocall

The photocall, as we already know, what it is most used for is advertising events, or the opening of a disco, although it is also becoming very fashionable to use it in other types of events such as weddings. They are being used in combination with the open photo booths, because when the photos are taken there are many more participants in the event. We are going to tell you about its advantages.

Photocalls attract a lot of attention from event attendees, they ask, they approach, they take photos, and if it is a company event, many often come to ask for information right away. They help create a much more modern image of the company, which is integrated with new information technologies and new methods of advertising on social networks and blogs.

Differences between photo booth and photocall

Now that we have discussed the advantages of each one of them, it is time to get into the differences between a photo booth and photocall so that you can choose the best that suits you, depending on the event you are organizing.

  1. Availability of the photograph
    The photo booth is a product with which your guests can take their photos and obtain them in less than ten seconds, while in the photocall the photos are usually taken using a camera controlled by a professional photographer, or a stewardess with knowledge in handling.
  2. Angles and focus
    Another of its differences is that photocalls are used as an advertising background, and it is possible that instead of a fixed camera in a certain position in front of the photo booth, it is a photographer who with a digital camera takes better advantage of the angles and lighting.
  3. Naturalness and Intimacy
    And finally, you must take into account the fundamental difference between the two advertising products. While a closed cabin offers more privacy and the photos tend to be more natural as a general rule, in a photocall when it is opened even if it fits more people, some people may feel a little self-conscious about being surrounded by people observing them while taking the photos.

Now that you know more or less what the main differences between the two are, you can correctly choose the one that best suits you.