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Paying Guests Accomodations: Home away from Home

Having a living space of your own in opulent cities like New Delhi and Ahmedabad is what every heart desire. But what pulls us back is the sky rocketing prices of owning a house. However due to high employment rate in these cities, all thanks to the multinational companies that have their hubs here, the demand of housing space has exponentially hiked. This is where the concept of PG’s comes into play. PG in New Delhi  and Ahmedabad have become a basic necessity for the city. PG services in these cities are, in a way, killing two birds with one stone as the beneficiaries are both the house owners and the tenants. People are not only moving into these cities for jobs but education also is a major reason. New Delhi and Ahmedabad both are educational hubs for aspiring students. They choose to move into these cities to avail quality education in the numerous renowned colleges and coaching centers of the country. This has in return given a great boost to the economies of both the cities. The trend of PG’s has thrived so much in these cities that almost 60 percent of New Delhi and Ahmedabad, India’s populace comprises of migrants from all over the country. Let us quickly dive a little deeper into the topic of PG’s in New Delhi and Ahmedabad, India and address the commonly asked question. What is life of a Paying guest: There are various pros and cons of living in a PG accommodation. One of the greatest benefits is that you do not need to buy everything from scratch as these PG’s are well-furnished and equipped with every item for a comfortable living. It’s a living arrangement where we learn to cater for our needs in our own way. Obviously, the care and luxury of home is exceptional but we definitely learn how to make ourselves home in the new settings with new people. To be on our own is a tough task in the beginning especially when you are habitual of your mom ironing your clothes or your dad to giving a ride to college every day. Living as a P.G is a fun task when you find amusement in waking up late without the elders coming to check up upon you at midnight or to watch your favorite television show with nobody to fight for the TV remote. Another very big advantage of living as a paying guest is for the students who are stress free from the daily chores of making meals to laundry. 

Let’s analyze the life in PG’s a little more: 

Advantages of Living in a PG

  • A life more disciplined: In order to start living as a paying guest needs one to stick to a set of etiquettes, which is fairly good for students. Certain rules for going out, carousing, partying, and meeting friends leads to plenty of time for students have to devote towards their studies. 
  • Cozy Homelike Environment: Most PG spaces in Indian cities emphasis on providing high-quality ease, sanitation, and food to every resident. Usually, a maid is available every time to cook food of resident’s choice and offer room service.
  • Safety and Security: PG accommodations are considerably safe for single girls and bachelors as a result of the of the high-end security services that they offer. Most of these PG services provide a 24/7 service for security guards, CCTV cameras, and safety alarms. 
  • Medical Emergencies Are Taken Care of By the Landlord: The house owner is accountable for the well-being of every residents in the PG space. Thus, in any case of sickness and any other medical emergencies, he/she has to be able to call a doctor and provide an appropriate environment at the given moment of time. 
  • Locality: The location of almost all PG in these cities is quite convenient for working professionals as well as students. The paying guest accommodations are located in those areas which are close to the commercial complexes or educational institutes. Some paying guest may offer you a walking distance from your workplaces or educational hubs. This can prove to be more comfortable and make your stay homely.
  • Living as paying guest saves money and extra efforts. You don’t have to spend on food, furniture and other facilities which are provided by the paying guest accommodation owner. You can curtail your food expenses and can get healthy, home-made food.
  • The privacy that a paying guest has to offer is not available in a hostel. Living in a Paying guests means living with little or no restrictions as opposed by hostels. This sense of privacy help in developing independence in terms of work and living habits. 
  • If you are someone who is in the lookout for a PG in Ahmedabad or PG in New Delhi without spending extra on the brokerage fee, then you must appoint some reliable accommodation providers to get the avail the best offer in terms of rent as well as other factors like facilities, convenient location, safety and security all under one roof that too at reasonable prices. 

PG’s have option for both single and multiple occupancies. 

Cons Of Living In A PG

  • A Sense of Solitude: While the privacy and peace offered in PG accommodation are beneficial for many, most amateurs might feel miserable by not having anyone to talk to.
  • Facility restrictions: Many residents have specific lifestyle and they might not be able to fit into the new environment of the PG accommodation. The fact that these rooms forbids the use of any other electronic item or gadget, worsens this problem further. 
  • Restrictions on Using Electricity and Water: In some PG spaces, the landlord might badger residents about making the restricted use of power supply and water, which can be annoying at times. 
  • Inappropriate Space to People Ratio: In metropolitan Indian cities which rank high on the cost of living index, the landlords tend to take more people than the room can hold. Living in a swarming space is the root of many problems, such as claustrophobia, unsanitary living condition, and problem in retrieving the common facilities during the rush hours. 

The facilities offered in a paying guest accommodation mostly depends upon the rent and extra charges that one has to bear. But usually, these rooms offer a comfortable and homely environment for the residents. One of the biggest advantages of it is that students need not arrange for all the basic amenities like furniture, kitchenware and bathroom essentials before starting their schools or colleges. 

Here is a list of a few places in New Delhi and Ahmedabad to give you a head start in the lookout for an accommodation.

New Delhi, India

  • Patel Nagar
  • Baljit Nagar
  • Rajinder Nagar
  • West Extension, Karol Bagh


  • Usmanpur
  • Jaspur
  • Jivraj Park
  • Karimabad
  • Sanand