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On a Budget? 6 Bathroom Remodeling Tips

In many homes, a bathroom remodel can be a much-needed and welcome refresh. This is especially true if you’re updating the master ensuite. What homeowner wouldn’t love a luxurious master bathroom? 

As you consider the upgrades you want to make to an existing bathroom, there are two things you’ll want to keep in mind: resale value and budget. 

It’s important to factor in your wants and needs, but don’t forget that you won’t be the last person who’s living in this house, and if you want to gain good resale value, you should choose upgrades that other buyers will like. 

The typical bathroom remodel has a 70 percent return on investment, reports an article from the Houston property management firm Green Residential. “This means you won’t make money on your remodel if you aren’t smart in your planning and design,” the article clarifies. 

Making budget decisions is another important resource for benefiting your return on investment. As you make choices regarding an upcoming bathroom remodel, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  1. Make Your Blueprints 

While you don’t have to use real blueprint paper, it’s smart to draw out your plans on paper. Take precise measurements of the space and plan accordingly. This drawing will help you understand your size limitations and space planning so that you can enjoy a more functional, beautiful bathroom. 

Discuss your plans with your handyman, architect, or designer. You might even consider hiring a designer from the get-go because their expertise will help you get the design of your dreams without making expensive mistakes along the way. 

  1. Consider Lookalike Materials 

“Retaining and refurbishing your existing materials is always the best option for saving money. But if you must swap out materials, inexpensive alternatives often can look amazingly like the real thing,” says Lee Wallender, writer for The Spruce. 

He goes on to suggest using high-definition laminate countertops instead of quartz or granite. Faux-stone backsplashes or shower tiles can also create a look of elegance without the cost.

  1. Use Cheap Tile with Accents 

There’s plenty of great-looking tile at the hardware store for 99 cents a square foot. You can even watch for sales to get the best deal on a more expensive product. So when you’re on a budget, avoid using expensive mosaic tile for the whole backsplash or shower. 

Instead, use a more affordable tile for the majority of the shower and backsplash and use the mosaic tile as an accent strip or design. It creates a gorgeous, timeless finish without costing a fortune. 

  1. Update with Small Details 

You’d be surprised how different a bathroom looks when you pay attention to the smallest of details. There are many small features you can update for less than $100. 

For example, professional home stager and decorator Karen Gray Plaisted told HGTV, “I often tell clients to add a frame around their mirror to hide the flaking that can happen around the edges, and to give it a more updated look.” 

You could also change out the hardware, get new light fixtures, install a new faucet, or add floating shelves.

  1. Re-Caulk and Grout Surfaces 

Some bathrooms simply need a fresh makeover, but others just need the basics. Along with adding some of the details mentioned above, look around the space for surfaces that need caulk and grout touch-ups. 

Over time, these fillers can crack, break, or turn yellow from everyday wear and tear. Scraping out the bad parts and refilling them with a fresh substance can make a bathroom look fresh and sharp once again. 

  1. Repurpose Rather Than Buying New 

One of the most eco-friendly and affordable methods of good home design involves redoing your existing fixtures instead of buying them brand new. A shower can be retiled, a tub resurfaced, a vanity refinished, and walls repainted. You can save thousands going this route while still getting a new bathroom. 

If you must replace your fixtures, look for used items. Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Facebook Marketplace, salvage yards, and other platforms that sell used goods are treasure troves of used items that might be perfect for your space! 

You might be on a budget, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom won’t look like a million bucks. With the right tips and an eye for resale value, your bathroom will be both incredible and affordable.