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NYC luggage storage guide for the luggage storage problem

Are you planning a trip to New York? Going and enjoying there is still a dream for many and some are planning their trips for the city. Many sightseeing places have recently been opened in New York City like One World Observatory and High Line. The best part about it is that there is no particular time to visit this place. Before visiting or planning your next trip to New York, the foremost thing one should do is to search for the most famous and exciting places to make your visit memorable for life.

With fun, excitement, and enjoyment, there is another factor that may affect your trip- the luggage. Generally, we get all bookings like tickets, hotels, etc. done to avoid any inconvenience at a new place. But as every day is not your day, chances are you may not find accommodation due to heavy tourist visits or you may reach before the check-in at the hotel. The other case maybe you have to check-out from the hotel at midday but your flight is in the night leaving you enough time to explore the city. In that case, carrying luggage everywhere is not possible. Also in some places like museum or an attraction like The Empire state building has no luggage policy. 

One way is to leave your luggage at the hotel which might cost you a good amount. To save your time and money, the NYC luggage storage guide is here to help you. Find out where to store your luggage by reading the following guide about luggage storage for you to get more out of your time in New York. Click here to read more. 

NYC Luggage storage guide

This is a platform that will let you know about all the nearest luggage storage providers with their locations, price, and flexibility which makes it easier to compare the different companies and you can choose the best one that suits you.

As we know a reliable platform to know about the best luggage storage providers in New York, we should read about the best tourist attractions in this beautiful city.

The most famous places of the beautiful city, New York are mentioned below:

  • Statue of Liberty – It is a statue gifted by France to America. This statue symbolizes freedom and along with it also symbolizes the greatest icons of America. This is one of the largest statues in the world with a height of 152 feet and the weight of this statue was 450,000 pounds. If you are visiting New York then you must have to visit this place and especially take a look at it from Battery Park. The other best thing that you can do here is taking a ride of this statue from a boat and see it very closely. If you have the special reservation then only you can walk on the lower area of the statue.
  • Central Park-A walk or go around in a carriage in the central park of New York is a must doing a thing if you are visiting New York. If you are visiting in winters then you need to pack your bags with ice skates and gloves to play around with your family with ice. The total length of this park is 2.5 miles which is quite large and it is considered as one of the things that make New York a more beautiful city to visit. Along with the extreme beauty in the park, it will also have some attractions in the outer regions and the best part about them is that you can take a ride for free. 
  • Rockefeller Center and Top of the Rock Observation –When we talk about the most attractive places that are present in New York then Rockefeller Center lies in the list. This is an entertainment and a shopping mall which is large. This is present in the middle of Manhattan, which provides a home for many media. After having all this, still, the 70-story 30 Rockefeller Plaza is the center of attraction for the people and is an Art Deco skyscraper. This Plaza provides a beautiful look to Manhattan and from the top of it can view the entire Manhattan.
  • Broadway and the Theater District-   If you are visiting New York then you must attend the Broadway show. In this show, they will show you the latest shows and some of the glorious classics. Broadway means we are talking about Broadway theatres and these theatres are very broad in size and they are mostly located in the Theater District along with the Broadway Streets. You have to buy the tickets in advance because there will be no chance of getting the tickets at the last moment. Shubert Alley is one of the most popular alleys in Theater District and the two very popular Playhouses of Theater District are The Shubert which is on the 221 west 44th street and the booth which is at 22 west 45th street. 
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art- Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Met is one of the famous Museums that exist in the United States. It was found in the year 1870 and has a collection that is permanently present there and the total number is two million and they are there from 5000 years. There are three sites that are present in the museum and the most famous one is Met Fifth Avenue.

Bottom line:

Going through NYC luggage storage guide is a must-read before you plan your trip to New York. New York City is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States and is having many places to visit. There many places to visit and if you plan for a shorter trip than it would not be completed. To go and see all the places in New York, you need time, and also patience and rushing would destroy the pleasure of the site.

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