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Being an entrepreneur in the 21st century can be considerably challenging. With increasing consumer demands and shifts in the business world, it could be quite difficult to withstand market pressure. Thus the circumstances that preexist for a new start-up to survive are hard. Entrepreneurs not only have to keep up with increasing consumer demand and have to respond to it efficiently but also have to keep track of the new trends that enter the business industry with a time tracker software . If a business fails to do so, its operations could potentially cease to exist. Therefore, it is essential for a business to keep track of the advancements in the industry to compete with its competitors.

There are several trends in the business industry that a business needs to follow to progress and expand its operations and networks from shifts in demand to advancements in technology. The evolution of social media, making efficient use of labour forces by involving them in short course programs such as time management courses, communication courses, etc. There are several factors a business has to plan and consider ahead of time to grow in the industry, which makes it important for every business’s management to be aware and well informed of the newer trends that enter the market.

The shift in the target market  

One of the major trends that a business might experience would surely be changing their target market focus. Regardless of your product or the service you are offering to the public, you must take into account the needs of the current generation and respond to it effectively. This can easily be done by taking youth demographics into account and specializing in your product or service according to it. These days it is no surprise that the current generation is ruling over the market in terms of demand. It also determines the going concern of your business, depending on how well you handle the shifts in your target market or your company’s progress in it compared to other businesses.

Being eco-friendly 

If you have ever got a chance to go through the content of a fire extinguisher maintenance course, you must have noticed that it emphasizes the need for eco-friendly practices for businesses. This is possibly one of the biggest concerns by people worldwide in most recent years. A business’s operations and its effects on third parties are now widely considered before the good or service is purchased or subscribed to. A business needs to be eco-friendly in terms of its manufacturing or service provision, or it may face severe backlash or even boycott of the business goods/service by masses. Pollution control, minimal waste, water, and wildlife conservation are all taken into account before a business excels in the market. Anything that harms the environment is most likely to be disregarded by the public that could affect your business reputation, and ultimately it’s functioning.

Shifts in technology 

Just as much as shifts in the target market must be considered, businesses also must keep in mind the shifts in technology. This is probably one of the most obvious trends out there and is one that will surely stay in the long run due to the rapid evolution of technology. A business must adhere to such advancements and must respond to it. Whether it involves making adjustments to its operational activities, it’s servicing or its manufacturing, a company should research and be well equipped practically and in terms of knowledge with the changes in technology.


E-commerce has been going on for a couple of years, but it did not necessarily fully progress until in most recent years. Several e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon being the largest e-commerce site in the world today have now reached its peak due to some of the above factors mentioned that include; keeping youth as (main) target market, advancements in technology, and of course, e-commerce. Typically the idea of e-commerce is simply the buying and selling of products online. Most companies that rely on e-commerce have warehouses and no retail stores, yet their business continues to flourish. The continuing success of such sites is the main evidence that e-commerce will continue to be a tradition followed by the current and upcoming generations religiously.

Efficient use of labour and resources 

Long gone are the days when employees were used specifically for what they were initially hired for. These days, even during the hiring process, most job applications clearly state in its job description that all orders must be followed given by management. Most managers would most likely observe your interests and skills and could even give you tasks outside of your job role. Employees can specialize in more than one field. A company allowing its employees to do all that they are best at gives variety to its workers in terms of job role, makes maximum use of employees and resources, saves money for hiring, or getting the job done by another person hired or a third party. Involving employees in short course programs could be another way of training your employees that could be beneficial for the business and the employees themselves.

Various means of interacting with customers 

Instead of just relying on the usual, old fashioned emails being sent out to customers, a smart approach would be to update and diversify your means of interacting with customers. There are several advancements in technology and social media sites out there that could be used to get to your customers. Dropping text messages about the latest deals, calling and inviting customers to a brand/product launch, using Facebook to keep customers updated with all the info they need are all great and engaging ways when it comes to effective communication between the business and its customers. Chatbots are a great addition to websites as they keep customers engaged in a product, and their queries are instantly answered, which increases the probability of a customer being satisfied and buying the product instantly.

Standing desks 

Various health issues are arising due to employees having hectic work schedules that are further worsened by their job’s constant demand for sitting and working in front of computer screens. Obesity and spinal strains are one of the biggest concerns out there. Many companies have now introduced the concept of standing desks where an employee could alternate between getting their work done while standing over high desks and sitting whenever they are tired. This combats many health issues and ensures the employee stays healthy and active even during work.

Diverse marketing strategies 

Just as if social media could not prove to be any more beneficial, here comes another pro to its use. Businesses must consider using social media for marketing its goods and services sure TV ads, and billboards create some attention, but you could get a whole lot more if you advertise on sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. What makes this even better is the algorithms that help you reach your exact target market and catch their attention.

The Final Words

A business needs to follow the newer trends. Not only is it beneficial for the business itself but also the employees and the customers. A healthy business could be a result of its long term functioning. Ignoring such trends could prove to be expensive for your company, while other competitors take the lead in the industry and could potentially bring your company down.