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Most Popular WordPress Event Calendar Plugins

Finding the perfect WordPress event calendar plugin is harder than it seems. You first need to familiarize yourself with the most popular ones and later figure out which ones offer the features most suitable for your needs.

There are countless plugins available at your disposal, each with a wide range of different tools suitable for projects of varying scopes. You’ve got the free plugins which offer a limited amount of features and premium ones that grant you full access to loads of additional features in exchange for a fee. If you want to set up a scheduled event on your website in the form of a calendar that includes the time and other minor information, then the free versions would these plugins would probably be enough for you.

However, if you want to give your users the ability to pre-purchase tickets for an event and integrate your website with a number of calendars such as Google, then the free version might not be enough and you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version of theses plugins which incidentally are loaded with features.

These premium features allow you to heavily customize your website so you can make it suit your aesthetic needs. With the help of some features and addons, you can have full control over different aspects of the calendar such as integration with digital payment websites like PayPal and other payment gateways and taking reservations on your websites.

Modern Events Calendar Plugin


Modern Events Calendar is currently one of the most sought after plugins available because of its hands-on approach to booking management. If you’re in the market for a specialized calendar with multiple features, then this plugin is certainly for you. The calendar design options in the plugin both look amazing and modern. Additionally, the Modern Events Calendar blends in perfectly with other elements on your site, regardless of what theme you’re using.

With such features, you won’t need to confine yourself to the pre-made designs but be free to change the default ones in Modern Events Calendar plugin in a way that’s compatible with your preferences. Even the simplest modification tools can be used to change MEC designs, giving a wide canvas to work with.

It’s worth mentioning that every design in Modern Events Calendar is fully responsive. This lets your users experience your website and book events from any device.

The plugin has the added benefit of including the physical location of your event to the calendar by integrating it with Google Map. You can also choose a featured image for your event, which adds to the unique design of your calendar while giving amble information about your specific event. Modern Events Calendar plugin can easily be used together with Google Calendar by simply connecting the two and then you’ll be able to share your events on multiple platforms. This feature is huge time saver, since you won’t need to manually create the events a second time giving you more room to manage your events in peace. The inclusion of local and international payment gateways sweetens the deal further since you’ll be able to collect fees and payment data in one nifty place. Data categorization is one of Modern Events Calendar’s most practical features.

We’ve already covered how handy and multi-faceted Modern Events Calendar is in creating events but what if you wanted to extend that power to your visitors? Well, this plugin has got you covered there as well. By creating create a form using addons you’ll be able to bridge this gap and allow your visitors to also create events on your calendar.

You can also use forms in bookings by including all the relevant information that needs to be filled in so all that’s left is for you to accept or reject the reservation. Modern Events Calendar’s compatibility with other page builders allows it to create different forms and show calendars and events flawlessly.

Freemium or Premium? Comparing MEC Lite and MEC Pro


Using MEC you’ll be able to set up whatever event you have in a simple yet elegant manner. The plugin has great features plus it comes with great documentation just in case you’ve never worked with such plugins before. MEC’s different skins are quite popular in terms of practicality and style. All its features were conceived through extensive market research. You’ll find all sorts of different features that are commonplace in the best event calendar plugins. The plugin is highly customizable, allowing you to implement more details.

If you’re ever stuck, you can rely on WEBNUS’s support team who provide 24/7 support with a response rate of less than 24 hours.

MEC Pro is priced so reasonably that one might not be sure whether to invest in the Pro version or continue using Lite. While Lite does provide you with a  more complete set of features compared with other event calendar plugins such as EventOn and Calendar Pro, it does restrict some features that might be key in-case you’re looking to use the event calendar as part of your business. The following table provides you with a basic overview of the different features available in popular WordPress event calendar plugins.

MEC Lite MEC Pro The Events Calendar
The Events Calendar Pro


Single day events
Multiple day events
All day events
Full Calendar view
Monthly calendar view
Add-on + $35.00 Daily view
Weekly view
Countdown view
Add-on + $35.00 Grid & cover view
Add-on + $35.00 Slider & carousel view
Add-on + $25.00 List View
Add-on + $25.00 Event locations system
Event Venue & organizer system
Multiple organizers
Add-on + $55.00 Front-end Event Submission
Never end events
Event widgets & sidebar
Custom sidebar
QRcode module
Add-on + $89.00 Add-on + $89.00
Add-on + $89.00 Add-on + $89.00 Add-on + $89.00
Add-on + $15.00
Add-on + $35.00
Add-on + $35.00
Add-on + $238.00
Add-on + $35.00
Add-on + $35.00
Add-on + $89.00 Add-on + $89.00 Add-on + $89.00
Free $55 Free + $267 $89 + $505 $24 + $630 Final Price

The Events Calendar Plugin

The Events Calendar is another popular WordPress event calendar plugin that boasts half a million users. The free version of this plugin provides an adequate amount of features.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of different designs for every event. Other features include a list view and calendar. Thanks to a series of tools and widgets, searching for an event in the calendar has been made easy.

The plugin has a great deal of options allowing you to customize your event and calendar. For example they show the important widgets on the sidebars and personalized theme content. Developers will probably have a blast using this plugin because it’s been made to accept codes for personalization purposes. The feature has been documented so as to make the dev’s job more straightforward.

The free version of The Events Calendar plugin might give you the ability the create events but you’ll be missing out on loads of important features that are available in the premium version. By upgrading to the premium version, you’ll have access to rotating events, ticketing, discounts and sales. You’ll also be able to merge it with Facebook events. You’ll also be able to integrate your event calendar with other calendar services such as Google Calendar.

Events Manager Plugin

Events Manager Plugin’s recent fifth iteration hit the market and you’ve got to hand it to them, there are some pretty great features in this version.  Not only is it easy to create events and add them to your calendar but it also allows users to book themselves. If you’re looking into using social media then the plugin has full compatibility with BuddyPress, allowing you to join in the conversation and read their messages. The down side of Events Manager is that it doesn’t have any external design options and you’ll need different plugins to gain access to and improve them.

The plugin as a whole, allows you to create numerous events on your WordPress websites and place them in a schedule. With the help of widgets, you’ll be able to display your events easily either on the sidebars or anywhere else you’d like.

This plugin also has a premium version which includes more sophisticated and niche features depending on the dev’s needs. For example, the premium version of Events Manager plugin let’s you customize the booking process.

EventOn Plugin

Another popular WordPress event calendar plugin is EventOn. This plugin has been receiving regular updates since its launch in 2012. EventOn comes with a lot of different features such as showing the location of the event on a map, attaching images to the event post, exporting the event to Google Calendar, the ability to download event information as an ICS file for your visitors and finally sharing the event on social media. It might be a little old-fashioned in terms of design and presentation which makes it incompatible with most users’ needs since it only displays events in list view.

Unique Features of Modern Events Calendar

  • You can create an event in mere seconds. If you’re thinking about migrating to the best WordPress event calendar plugin, you’ll be glad to know that you can easily import all your existing content with a few clicks, automatically and in full detail.
  • Modern Events Calendar comes with very in-depth documentation. There are simple instructions guiding you through every step of the way.
  • It’s got grade-A customer service provider both for any pre-sale questions and technical ones. So if you hit a wall and can’t figure it out using the documentation then the support team is there for you. All in all though, the plugin is pretty straightforward when it comes to creating events.
  • If you’re managing an event on a WordPress website or trying to implement a booking feature on it then in addition to having a great hosting service, you’ll need a practical plugin that’s got all the necessary features. A user-friendly environment enhances this experiences since it’ll streamline the whole process. Both the free and premium version of Modern Events Calendar do this perfectly.
  • You can easily add various details to your events and group your events into different categories. Users can use MEC’s various design options to their advantage by figuring out which view works best for them. Should you need any more features, you can get some addons for the plugin to really explore its limits.
  • The team behind Modern Events Calendar really cares about users so much so that they haven’t hidden some essential features of their event calendar plugin behind a paywall, as opposed to some other free to use plugins that are basically an advertisement for their premium versions. You’ll first explore the free version and if you feel like your needs will only be meet with the Pro version then you can pay a very reasonable fee in exchange for access to some very useful features. The team’s care and hindsight in such a matter has made it so that there are many Modern Events Calendar Lite users who’ve been able to create stunning events without having to upgrade. The premium version gives you access to some more advanced features like weather modules, reminders, booking system, map locations and ticketing.

Premium Features of Modern Events Calendar Pro:

  • Shortcode generator for maximum customization
  • Booking system
  • Different tickets
  • Ultimate form of event customization
  • Publishing from the frontend
  • Export and Import Module

Shortcode Generator:

This WordPress Event Calendar uses shortcodes and allows you to create shortcodes to display your events in various ways. For example, you can have yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly calendars each with their own unique view. These include detailed displays such as Calendar View, Slider View, Time Table, Carousel, ListView, Masonry view and Map view. The interesting part is that each of these views also has different styles incorporated within it; allowing you to find the calendar that best suits your event.

Modern Events Calendar Booking System:

The booking system on Modern Events Calendar is probably one of the best systems among other available WordPress event calendar plugins. In short, it’ll allow you to gather the contact information of those who want to attend your event so you can send them more details about the event directly.

You can set up a reminder system where people who’ve booked your events are notified of the event’s status, changes and location in time.

You can customize the registration forms and include or exclude any information field you want from them. Using the widgets in the plugin you can also set multiple speakers and presenters for your event to appear on the sidebar.

The primary selling point for Modern Events Calendar that distinguishes it from other WordPress event calendar plugins is its unique feature to create individual profiles for each user. You can do this through the shortcode generation feature. This allows users to view a list of all the events that they have booked in advance in their user history.

Different Tickets:

This feature gives you more options during the booking stage. For example you can add a meal option to the ticket or include a ticket that has a separate introductory session for your book review event. These options can be used for individual events, adding another layer to MEC’s customization and event management and in turn making your WordPress website’s events look more professional.

You’ll also have the option of adding discount codes or coupons for your different events. Remember giving away coupons always leads to more sales. The best part is that you can add taxation to the purchase and booking process.

Event Customization:

Being able to customize all your events in various ways is very empowering. You can label, categorize and use shortcodes to present your event in the best possible manner.

Finally, all this information can be easily scanned via a QR code, making the whole booking process even easier. The time and location feature together with the weather module make for a very detailed overview of your event.

Publishing from Frontend:

Allowing your visitors to submit an event to your calendar is a particularly handy feature available in MEC. This feature is available only to users who have registered on your website.

You can set up the event details in a form that later gets generated automatically in the calendar. Not only can you include the essential information to your form but also relevant links, costs, featured images, category, labels, tags, organizers, date and place, booking, tax options, and miscellaneous costs. In this plugin, ticket generation can actually happen in the frontend rather than the typical backend.

Export and Import Modules:

Modern Events Calendar lets you import and exports your events. You can input or receive any XML or ICS file. You can also import data from your events on Google, Facebook or some event hosting websites like Meetup. This doesn’t just stop there, you can also import to other plugins such as The Event Calendar, Calendarize It, EventOn and Events Schedule and export file formats such as JSON, XML, CSV and iCal. In addition to all these popular formats, you’ll have the option to save your information and details as an Excel file or on Google Calendars and Facebook.

In Conclusion …

Modern Events Calendar is an easy to use and straightforward plugin that cares for its user base so much so that many core features are left active on the free version. Developed by a creative team of devs at Webnus, this plugin is fully compatible with most cache management plugins. So if you’re thinking about setting up an event or already have an event website, then you might want to consider using the best WordPress event calendar plugin.

Modern Events Calendar Startup Guide

Getting started with Modern Events Calendar is a matter of clicks away. Simply decide if you want to test out the Lite version and then upgrade or just start with MEC Pro. After you’ve installed the plugin, go to your dashboard and activate it; you’ll be greeted with a welcome message and a short video showing you the ins and outs on how to quickly create an event. For more information make sure to read the extensive documentation.

General Settings in Modern Events Calendar

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have any prior experience with web development. MEC is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Most of the options can be left as default since they’ve been set according to the primary needs of most users. In case you’re in the mood for reading, there’s in-depth documentation that lets you customize your website step by step. Additionally, there’s Webnus’s support team who are always on standby to help you out.