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Mood-Boosting Activities For Los Angeles Residents

The uncertainty of the future is enough to incite anxiety in anyone, regardless of whether the world is in the middle of a pandemic or not. You can’t avoid stress, but you can find positive ways to deal with your stress and low moods. Take time each day to do something that makes you happier and relaxes you. Browse through a selection of Sixthreezero hybrid bikes to find new ways to explore the great outdoors.

Get Outside in Nature

Many studies confirm that being in nature reduces depression and improves brain activity. Los Angeles has plenty of parks where you can ride beach cruiser bikes or take a hike through a setting that will make you think you’ve left the city. Go to the mountains and enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside. Take your family to the beach to enjoy a sunset. Even if it’s not sunny, your mood will lift when you’re outdoors taking a break from your electronic devices and responsibilities.

Do Yoga

Yoda and meditation are also mood-lifters. In Los Angeles, you’ll find plenty of yoga classes that have moved outside in parks, so you’ll get the benefit of being outside as well as the benefits of yoga. Yoga is said to increase stress and pain tolerance. Goat yoga is a fun way to try out this exercise.

Bake or Cook Something

Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables in the LA markets by creating healthy meals. The Mediterranean diet, one that includes fish, herbs, whole grains, and olive oil, reduces your risk of depression. Baking is also a stress-reliever. To fight off weight gain, take your electric beach cruiser out for a daily ride through your neighborhood or go for a walk.

Play Sports

Take a basketball to the local park and shoot some hoops with a friend. Dust off that set of golf clubs and get out on the course. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the many opportunities for sports in the Los Angeles area. Spend the day on the Santa Monica pier and rent a bike or rollerblades. Remember your safety gear, like helmets and elbow and knee pads.

Go Fishing

You’ll find some great spots for freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing in Los Angeles. Echo Park Lake is routinely stocked with rainbow trout. You’ll catch halibut, seabass, or mackerel off the Venice Fishing Pier. Catfish and rainbow trout are stocked in Lincoln Park Lake. Make sure to get your fishing license before you go. You’ll find plenty of places that rent gear if you’re looking to get your feet wet before you invest in your own.

Enjoy the Flowers

Los Angeles is known for its weather and growing season, so take advantage of the many gardens that are open to the public. There are dozens of botanical gardens you can visit, but most municipal buildings have landscapes that are designed with beautiful looks all year long. Ride your bike or talk a walk along a path with bright colors and greenery.

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