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Mi TV Vs Vu TV: Which LED TV should you buy?

With a wide variety of options available, purchasing a TV can be a daunting task for the simple reason that there are just so many options! This post aims to help you in your decision-making process by comparing two leading television brands: Vu and Mi.

With the UEFA Champions League in full swing, Siddharth was excited to buy a TV but was plagued by the same issue as most others looking to buy a television as well: too many choices. There are different types of TVs to choose from which come with different features and are made by different brands. In this post, we compare Vu and Mi TVs with the aim of making the decision-making process slightly easier for you. So, if you are faced with the question of Mi TV vs Vu TV, read on for a detailed comparison!

Mi TV vs Vu TV: The brands compared

Before we compare Vu and Mi televisions, let’s take a quick look at both the brands.

Mi:Mi TVs are produced by Xiaomi, founded in the year 2010 in China. They produce a wide range of products: smartphones, laptops, earphones and fitness bands in addition to Mi televisions.

Vu: Founded in 2006 in California, USA, Vu Televisions (also knowns as Vu Technologies) is a leading player in the television industry, focusing on premium televisions.

What LED TVs Mi and Vu Offer

Mi LED TVs start at ₹14,999 and go up to ₹54,999. Vu LED TVs, start at ₹15,000 and go up to ₹3,00,000. In this segment, we will be looking at a couple of different televisions at different price points to help you compare Vu and Mi TVs.

Vu vs Mi TV (Entry level):

The entry level TVs, the Mi LED TV 4A PRO and Mi LED TV 4C PRO are priced at ₹14,999 and ₹15,999 respectively, with both retailing at ₹12,499. Both televisions sport 32-inch screens, are similar and pack quite a punch, coming with HD Ready displays, 20W powerful stereo speakers, a built-in play-store and Chromecast, Google Voice Search and Assistant, and a lot of content via Patchwall, which boasts over 700,000 hours of content.

Marked at ₹19,000 and retailing at a similar price (₹11,499), the Vu Ultra Smart TV also has a 32-inch screen. It boasts an ultra-experience, coming with inbuilt premium licensed apps for most streaming platforms. The panel is an ultra-bright panel, backed by and ultra-sharp experience, owing to Dolby Digital Plus surround sound tech. It is also ultra-connected, allowing you to cast content from your phone or physically connect other devices. Finally, its last feature is being ultra-advanced, wherein, while streaming, the content quality is adjusted according to your internet speed, resulting in a seamless streaming experience.

Vu vs MI TV (Mid-level):

In the mid-range, Mi brings to you the Mi LED TV 4A PRO, priced at ₹25,999 and retailing at ₹21,999. It brings to the table a 1080p Full HD 43-inch screen, PatchWall with 700,000 hours of content, the Play Store, Chromecast along with Play Movies, and 20W powerful stereo speakers. The android TV comes with built-in Google voice search which makes navigating content and other features of the TV a breeze. It also sports a powerful 64-bit quad core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8GB of storage.

Vu’s mid-range TV is the Vu Pixelight Ultra HD (4k) LED Smart TV, which is priced at ₹36,000 and currently retailing at ₹23,999. It’s USP is the cricket mode it offers, which combines the picture mode and brightness settings to make it so that the cricket ball is clearly visible against any background. It comes with a host of applications to watch content on your favourite apps, connect devices and enjoy cinema like sound with Dolby Digital Plus.

Vu vs MI TV (High end):

In the high-end range, Mi offers Mi LED TV 4 PRO. Marked at ₹49,999 and currently retailing at ₹47,999; its claim to fame is being the world’s thinnest Android TV. It sports at frameless 4K+ HDR 55-inch screen. The Mi LED TV 4 PRO offers over 700,000 hours of content through the integrated PatchWall. It has as 64-bit quad core processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

Vu’sPixelight, marked at ₹64,000 and currently retailing at ₹43,999 also sports at 4K 55-inch screen. It boasts an A+ grade panel, premium Dolby sound, inbuilt premium apps for streaming platforms, and great options for connectivity.

Mi TV vs Vu TV (Luxury):

It’s hard to compare Vu and Mi TVs in this range because Mi doesn’t venture into the luxury TV market, with its costliest TV marked at ₹64,999 (retailing at ₹54,999). Vu Televisions, on the other hand, prides itself on being a luxury TV brand. It has offerings at different prices, ranging from a 65-inch Pixelight selling at around ₹75,999 to an 86-inch Pixelight HDR selling at ₹2,99,999.

Which one should you go for?

So, after looking at different TVs at a few different price points, you might have some more clarity on what to purchase. Since that’s out of the way, you should head over to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, which offers great deals on EMI purchases of TVs and also has a great buying guide to help you make an informed decision while making your purchase. Whether you wish to purchase a Mi TV 32 inch model or a 55-inch model, an entry-level model or a luxury model, we have got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Get your favorite MI TV today!

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