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Leno Mesh Bags and Their Different Uses

Leno mesh bags are some of the most widely-used packaging materials in agriculture. They are highly appreciated not only by farmers but also by various traders, merchandising associations, authorities that deal with agricultural produce, and of course, by end consumers. If you do business in this sector, then it’s important to find a leno bags manufacturer that you can trust.

Perfect for agricultural applications

Because of their excellent air permeability, leno mesh bags are considered the gold standard in packaging for agricultural applications. These bags are woven and designed specifically to maintain the freshness of particular agricultural goods because they allow airflow and prevent inner moisture from accumulating, which may cause spoilage. In fact, they can help increase the life of certain types of dry-skin produce—such as onions and potatoes—by 50%.

Unique benefits

Leno mesh bags offer several key benefits that ordinary packaging solutions can’t provide. Here are the most important ones:

Lightweight compared to corrugated boxes, lowering transportation costs (Note: A corrugated box that can hold a similar capacity is likely to be six times heavier than a leno mesh bag)

Reusable (depending on the materials packaged, handling, storage, and other such parameters)

  • Durable with good burst and tensile strength
  • Easy to handle
  • Flexible and rigid
  • Non toxic
  • Cost effective
  • Non reactive
  • Superiorair permeability
  • Appropriate for cold storage
  • Suitable for storage purposes
  • More affordable compared to jute bags
  • Not attacked by insects, fungus, and rats
  • Do not cause contamination – safe to be in direct contact with food
  • Resistant to chemicals that cause corrosion
  • Allows easy visual inspection of what’s inside

Some of the best manufacturers of leno bags produce UV-stabilized products that are designed according to the client’s specifications and preferred colors. Their products are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. They have developed solutions to address the specific concerns in handling and packaging perishable agricultural items. A good leno bags manufacturer is trusted not only by growers, but also by merchandising associations and traders.

What can you put inside leno bags?

  • Leno mesh bags work very well for dry skin vegetables such as garlic, onions, ginger, potatoes, carrots, and the like.
  • They are also suitable for pineapples, oranges, apples, and similar fruits.
  • Leno bags are likewise perfect for coconuts and groundnuts.
  • They are perfect for shellfish.
  • Leno bags can also be used to pack firewood.

Choosing a leno bags manufacturer

You can’t go wrong with a top US manufacturer that has been providing businesses top-quality packaging solutions for decades.

World-class production

Be sure to check their production process to assess the quality of their products. Some of the best manufacturers follow a four-step procedure and handle everything—including the melting, extrusion, and cutting of polypropylene and weaving to create base fabric—completely in house. They also use the latest technologies in bag-making, weaving, and wicket. A good leno bags manufacturer ensures full control of the entire production process in order to produce premium bags at reasonable prices. From resin to finished bag, they do it all.

Customization options

Work with a manufacturer that can provide full printing and graphics capabilities if you want branded leno mesh bags in specific colors and fabrics. Talk to them about whether they can meet your customization requirements and design a product that meets your specific needs.

Cost effective

This is very important, especially if you are ordering in bulk and are dealing with budgetary constraints. Ask if the leno bags manufacturer has a solid bundling and palletizing process in place. This can help maximize freight and reduce costs.

Small orders accepted

While a leading leno bags manufacturer will most certainly have a long list of big-order clients, they shouldn’t turn their nose up on smaller orders. In fact, some of the best ones cater to clients who want just one bundle (500 leno mesh bags). They can also deliver lower volumes that are less than a truckload.

If you’re ready to order leno mesh bags then it’s time to talk to the Cady Bag Company. This US-based leno bags manufacturer uses only the finest raw materials and state of the art equipment to produce top-quality packaging solutions at competitive rates—even when compared to those made in other countries.