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How to Welcome Home Your New Pup

Bringing a new puppy home and welcoming them into your family is a big deal. Often, a young puppy will be intimidated when being welcomed into a new family. But there are ways to make them feel right at home with you and your loved ones. 

You want to make your pup feel loved and comfortable. They are going through a transition,  and it’s the least you can do. Here we’ll give you a few tips on how you can make your new pup feel right at home with you and your family from the second they walk through your door. 

Show Them Around Your Home 

Since your pup is going to be a bit curious when they first enter your home, it’s best to take them on a quick tour of your home. This will introduce your pup to every facet of your home and calm their nerves. 

Walk or carry your dog around your home. Show them where their space is. Introduce them to the designated spot they’ll be using to go to the bathroom outside.  Take them around every room of your home from your living room to your basement and your bedroom. 

This introduction will give your pup a great introductory idea of your home. 

Make Them a Comfy Bed 

Puppies sleep a lot. Therefore, you must provide them with a comfy bed for them to nap in. 

Depending on your dog’s breed, you’ll need a different sized bed. For example, a puppy golden retriever is going to grow into a rather large dog. In this situation, you’ll want to start with a small bed and upgrade to a large one once your pup is full grown. On the other hand, a small to mid-sized dog such as a beagle will do just fine with a smaller bed. 

Fill the bed with a designated puppy blanket and a few toys to make them feel right at home. 

Buy Them a Special Collar 

There’s really no better way to welcome your pup into your home than with a special collar. Go searching for a collar that fits your pup’s personality and your needs. A leather dog collar is an excellent pick for larger dogs that you know are going to be a bit rambunctious. They’re durable and a great choice for a long-lasting collar. 

Another great choice is waterproof dog collars as they are great for rainy spring walks, muddy play dates, hiking in the woods, and so much more. If you’ve got an adventurous pup, make sure your collar fits you and your pup’s needs.

Personalize Their New Collar 

Go above and beyond by adding a nice touch of personalization to your pup’s collar. There are plenty of brands that make it easy to add personalization elements to your collar. 

You can choose the color, materials, pattern, and so much more. You can even choose to engrave a nameplate on your puppy’s collar. This helps you avoid dangling dog tags and increases your dog’s safety by engraving their personal information directly onto the collar.  

Don’t Forget Their Toys!

Last but not least is, of course, the toys. Your puppy needs a few toys to keep him occupied. Make sure to be prepared with a few toys before even letting your puppy in your home. 

Remember, your new pup will either be or soon be, teething, which can be rather painful for them. They’ll need plenty of toys to chew on to soothe the pain in their teeth. Toys are the perfect aid to minimize and distract from any teething pain. 

Follow these tips, and your puppy is sure to feel right at home!