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How To Use Memes To Promote Gardening In Your City

If you have a patch of land that is unutilized, you should consider taking up gardening. Gardening is good for the atmosphere. The more plants you have in your surroundings, the cleaner the air around you.

  • You’ll save your hard-earned dollars
  • You’ll be healthy
  • You’ll always eat healthy produce
  • It’s relaxing and provides good exercise
  • It’s therapeutic
  • It helps save pollinators such as bees and butterflies
  • It’s a good way to spend time with your family

But besides the material benefits, gardening improves who we are in character. It is often surprising how all quotes written about gardening urge towards a certain virtue. I have compiled a list of a few best memes in gardening that encourage 4 virtues:

  • Fulfilment
  • Perseverance
  • Inward reflection
  • Nurturing


There are several authors who have used poetry and memes and memes from poetry, to express the joy satisfaction and fulfillment that gardening brings to their lives. It is clear from several memes that fulfillment and satisfaction come from both a spiritual and a physical outlook. For example,

There is a famous meme by George Bernard Shaw about finding God by working in your garden.

Another famous meme talks about gardening and restoring your senses.

There is also a quite universally famous meme that warns about harvesting what you have worked hard to (or not) put in the ground.


Some cleverly worded memes have been used to express how perseverance, patience and discipline bear’s fruit eventually not only to one’s character but also to the garden itself.

Lou Erickson has one such cleverly worded meme about a garden needing a lot of water — most of it being sweat.

Another famous meme from a 19th-century book by Charles Dudley talks about the tools needed for gardening including a cast iron back with a hinge.

Inward Reflection

In a fast-paced, mostly urban world, a garden is essential because the sometimes arduous and primal work in a garden is a break from the monotony of a hi-tech environment.

As we all know a change is as good as a rest and a garden can help us connect with our inner selves.

This fact although seemingly modern has been recognized for a long time through the ages.

Memes about unemployment being necessary because it forces most people to look to their gardens are quite a compelling meme.

A famous meme from Mahatma Gandhi relates digging the earth to finding ourselves.


This is a fairly easy aspect of gardening to explain with memes. Everyone knows how much attention most plants need in order for them to grow healthy.

Several poets and infamous people have talked about how gardening can become a magnificent obsession. When you toil and work in a garden you automatically care for it with the attention of a mother to a child.

One famous meme humorously talks about how gardening quickly changes from a vocation into an obsession.

Another meme implies about how you have no choice but to love your garden because you have to either love it or not for the garden to be fruitful.