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How to Use Concrete Effect Paint

Nowadays it is common to talk about design and the importance of personalizing your own house, according to your style.
Personalizing the house is possible by using not only design furnishing, but also by playing with the colors of the walls: for example, you can use special paints, like the material effect ones, that allow to make the walls the real “stars” of the house, with a unique style.

Materic effect paints allow to create stylish walls, with character, that decorate the room on their own.

Among the most appreciated paints in recent years, especially for modern style lovers, we want to mention the concrete effect paint. A materic paint that, as can be noticed by its name, can imitate the material, to give a very pleasant aesthetic and modern effect, but also a tactile one.

The concrete effect paint can indeed recreate the effect of concrete mixed with sand: a final effect of great aesthetic impact, that goes particularly well with modern furnishing and maybe with other contrasting walls. The grey color, that can be more or less strong, goes well with a modern style of furniture, but also with a more classical one, according to the kind of paint chosen.
To get that special look, the concrete effect paint has been made with real conrete mixed with naturally charged sand to obtain the color of real concrete and the aesthetic effect of concrete mixed with unique colored sands.

The choice of special materic paints should, in general, always have a particular attention to quality. We suggest to choose high quality paints, like the ones produced by Cromas, leading company in the paint production industry for professional use and craftmanship. Among the many options, we want to remind  the metallic, wood or stone effect paints, tactile effect paint and many other solutions.

 Concrete effect paint typologies

Severe and gray, cold, but extremely elegant and modern, goes perfectly well with solid colors, even eclectic ones; the color of concrete has conquered our living rooms (but also industrial style office buildings), thanks to its freshness and great elegance. Today, the concrete effect paint is one of the best choices of decoration to give the house an extremely modern, rigorous look that can, at the same time, complement several other styles.

The concrete effect paint is perfect for those who want to decorate with an industrial style, mixing the cold and raw color of concrete with warmer tones like brick or wood, or with wrought iron. It goes well with the modern clean Scandinavian style too, for example.
The concrete effect paint comes in several shades, colors, effects: it allows many chances of personalization, depending also on the different ways of application on the surface. There are, just to mention a few, raw concrete effect paint, metallic concrete effect spray paint, spatula paint, and so on, or even the micro-concrete effect. So, you have a wide variety of choices among many typologies of concrete effect colored paints, with different shades and shininess. By relying on a professional company with a wide variety of products such as Chromas, you will have the certainty to always obtain a high quality and durable result.