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How to Upgrade Your Home Decor Without Breaking the Bank

Some people think that you need to break the bank in order to achieve an attractive home design. And while some money is certainly required, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. With the right strategy, you can make your house look elegant and inviting without going broke One way you can do this is by completing some DIY decor upgrades. You can get your supplies from Simply Plastics.

5 Cost-Effective Home Decor Tips and Upgrades

When it comes to building a house, affordable home design and construction are big topics these days. But what about when you already have a home built? How can you make it look good for less? Well, we have a handful of tips for you to sift through. Check them out:

  • Know Where to Shop

It all starts with knowing where to shop in order to find low-cost design options that have the potential to positively transform the design and visual appeal of your home. Some good places to shop include:

  • Flea markets. If you like vintage or antique style, you can find some real winners at flea markets and garage sales. You’ll have to pick through a bunch of stuff you don’t want, but there are always diamonds in the rough!
  • Thrift shops. Whereas flea markets are known for older home decor items, thrift shops have a healthy blend of old and new. If you live near a thrift shop, poke your head in once a week to check out their inventory and see if there’s anything that strikes your fancy. (The best part about thrift shops is that they’re cheap. You can often snag something for 75 percent to 90 percent off the actual value.
  • Building surplus stores. Most towns have some sort of building surplus store where there are leftover and/or recycled construction elements. This may include old windows, doors, flooring, light fixtures, and other materials. These stores won’t always have exactly what you need, but if you’re flexible, you can typically find something that will work well for your design or decor project.
  • Buy From IKEA

Though flea markets, thrift shops, and building surplus stores are great, they are limited in their inventory and product offerings. If you want something new and cost-effective, a store like IKEA could be your best bet.

The thing about IKEA is that you have to assemble most of the furniture on your own. (This is how they keep prices down.) As long as you’re willing to devote a little time and elbow grease to the cause, this is a good option.

  • Design Your Own Wall Art

Have you ever looked at the cost of framed wall art in a store? The prices can be ridiculous. But you don’t have to drain your savings account just to populate your blank walls. Try designing your own wall art.

Wall canvases are one option. They create an elegant look without having to spend hundreds or thousands on artwork and professional photography. Just upload your family picture, select between stretched or gallery wrapped, pick a size, and it’s shipped directly to your house.

  • Build Your Own Decor

Speaking of DIY, building your own home decor is a fantastic way to save money and simultaneously achieve the precise look you’re aiming for.

Thanks to Pinterest and YouTube, you don’t need to be an artist or super handy person to design some basic decor elements. All you need is a little creativity, a couple of basic tools, and a willingness to watch and learn.

  • Go With a Minimalist Style

You’re in luck, because minimalist interior design is really hot at the moment. This means you don’t have to fill every little nook and cranny with decor. Stick with a couple of key pieces per room – including one aesthetic focal point – and then fill in some different areas as necessary. Save your money; there’s no need to go overboard!

Bring Your House to Life

The right home decor can take your home from looking dark, dingy, and drab to airy, lively, and inviting. While everyone’s individual style is unique, the aforementioned tips should supply you with the motivation and creativity needed to get things moving in the right direction – without breaking the bank.