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How To Store Your Farm Equipment In the Winter

You’ve made quite an investment to get your farm up and running, and you want to get the most bang for your buck. To make this happen, you have to take good care of your equipment not only during the growing season but also during the winter when you aren’t using it regularly. Although you will likely use some of your farm tools in cold weather, many of them will need to be stored. How can you prepare your equipment so it will be ready to use next spring? Follow these three guidelines, and you’ll be all set.

Clean It

It’s always best to put things away clean, no matter what they are. However, with farm equipment, you need to pay special attention to cleaning. If you leave grain and other organic matter in the tires, blades, and other parts of your hay handling equipment and other machinery, not only can it lead to corrosion, but it will also attract rodents, which may chew through the electrical components and ruin everything. While you’re cleaning the moving parts of your farm tools, don’t forget to wash the exterior, too. This is also an excellent time to touch up any damaged paint to protect against corrosion. Speaking of corrosion, don’t forget to clean and lubricate battery terminals at this time of year.

Maintain It

Deferred maintenance causes more problems and unexpected expenses than normal wear and tear. To be sure you’re performing periodic maintenance at appropriate intervals, set aside specific times each year as maintenance periods. Storing things in pristine condition may lengthen their life expectancy. The end of the growing season is the perfect time to check and replace fluids, belts, hoses, and so on. The same goes for things you may be using all winter, such as snowplows and bobcat pallet forks.

Protect It

For vehicles you will be storing all winter, it’s a good idea to slightly loosen belts and raise the tires off the ground until spring, either by putting them up on blocks or parking them on wooden surfaces. Store as many tools, vehicles, and farm implements as you can in an outbuilding, garage, or shed. If you can’t manage that, at least cover the items with cloths and tarps. Cleaning, maintaining, and protecting your farm equipment preserves your tools and protects your investment. Be sure everything is well cared for, and you’re much less likely to be hunting for a new offset flail mower for sale just because the one you had got ruined over the winter.

As tired as you may be at the end of a long and fruitful harvest season, your future self will thank you for putting forth the effort to winterize your equipment so you don’t have to worry about it come springtime. The less maintenance and repair work you have to do during the busy planting season, the better. If you’re looking for more attachments to expand your tractor’s capabilities, start researching online now so that you’ll know exactly what you need before the next season begins.