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How to Spend a Truly Luxury Weekend in Paris

Paris is known as the city of love for a good reason, there’s nowhere more romantic on Earth. But, if there’s one thing that says romance louder than anything else, it’s the total excess that this city affords you. Delicious desserts, opulent dining rooms, spectacular views, all of it is achievable on a budget. However, it’s so much better when you throw caution to the wind and splash the cash.
If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury weekend in Paris, we’ve rounded up some truly special treats for you.

Eat Like Royalty at the Château de Versailles

Caption: You'll be treated like royalty when you eat at Versailles
You’ll be treated like royalty when you eat at Versailles

There’s nothing that screams luxury quite like eating in an actual castle, but if there’s one way of topping it, it’s eating in a castle with a Michelin star. 

Alain Ducasse is the mastermind behind the dining room at the Château de Versailles and a meal here will be a night you remember for your whole life. 

If you want a truly exclusive experience then you can book the dining room for yourself for the evening and be indulged. Ducasse explained that he wanted whoever set foot into the dining room to feel like a King, and with the luscious decor, he has achieved that before you’ve even had a mouthful of the food. 

Prepare yourself for an enormous tasting menu if you do book out the dining room, with optional wine pairings to boot. Produce is, of course, seasonal and locally sourced, prepared with an extremely delicate touch and allowed to shine.

Unleash Your Inner James Bond at Club Barrière Paris

Club Barrière Paris is one of the most exclusive casinos in the city. Situated right in the middle of Paris’ glamorous Champs-Élysées, you couldn’t ask for a more picturesque location, so it makes sense that it attracts a discerning clientele. 

Entry to the club itself is only 15 euros, but if you want to play at the poker tables, there’s generally a minimum buy-in of 250 euros. While it doesn’t boast the variety of games that most of the New Casino Sites do, the casino does make up for it with impeccable ambience – and the chance of meeting someone rich and famous. 

The dress code is formal, so men should take the opportunity to suit up, while ladies might feel most comfortable in a cocktail dress. After all, half the fun of going to a swanky casino is pretending you’re in a James Bond film, right?

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Visiting the Sacré-Cœur is something that everyone who visits Paris should do, and it’s super-conveniently located right near the Gare du Nord

The church is truly magnificent; walking up the steps to it and then looking out at the views of the city is a moment to be cherished. If you’d like an even better view, you can climb right to the top of the dome and look down – where you’ll get a closer look at the view outside as well as the spectacular architecture of the church inside. At just 6 Euros, the walk to the top of the dome might be the cheapest thing you do all weekend, but it’s a feeling that is hard to beat.