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How to Nail That Solo Trip

Deciding that you want to travel and see more of the world can be extremely liberating. However, finding someone to go with can be difficult. If you are the only singleton in your group of friends, you might be left without a travel buddy. Likewise, everyone’s schedules might not match up correctly. It might just be easier for you to bite the bullet and decide that you want to travel alone. Here are some of the things you should think about if you are determined to nail that solo holiday.

Where to Go?

One of the biggest freedoms when it comes to travelling by yourself is the ability to go wherever you choose. Want to visit nothing but museums and historic landmarks? You can do so! Want to grab the perfect all-inclusive and spend a week lying in the sun with a cocktail and some chick-lit? It is up to you!

When you are the only one who is going to be on the trip, it is difficult to not become giddy with the sheer number of freedoms available to you. Take this is as an opportunity to tick something off your bucket list. Go somewhere you want to go to and completely throw yourself into the local culture and everything that is on offer. Who knows when you might have the opportunity to do it again!

Treat Yourself

Going solo is one of the best ways to treat yourself when travelling away. You might prefer to opt for the youth hostel experience and find a great private room in a quirky place to stay. However, you could also finally treat yourself to a fancy hotel room. There are many deals all around the world which could see you grabbing a brilliant hotel room for a fraction of the cost of one usually.

While you are unlikely to find many single-person discounts, there is something truly luxurious about being able to spread across a whole hotel room by yourself. From famous chains to boutique guesthouses, it won’t take you long to find the hotel room of your dreams.

You could also choose to stay in an Airbnb. These are a fantastic option for anyone looking for a place to stay in a city. You can find many brilliant places to stay in quirky buildings and homes everywhere. If you are nervous about staying by yourself, look into something like couchsurfing. This might be the perfect thing for nervous first-time solo travellers as you get to meet someone who knows all about the city and can show you some of the best things to do and places to see. If you are looking to make friends as well as see a bit more of the world, this is going to be the perfect option for you.

Drive Up and Head Off

If you are thinking about heading off on this solo trip by yourself, you might think that you need to arrange someone to take you to the airport. Trying to park at an airport can always be a bit of a nightmare so it might be more tempting to get a friend or family member to drop you off or try to work out how the public transport there works. However, it may be easier for you to take advantage of valet parking at Bristol airport.

The meet and greet Bristol airport service is a fantastic tool for any solo traveller to use. You book online and then drive straight up to the doors of the departure terminal. There, you will find a certified driver who will take the car away from you and drive it to a secure compound. You can head directly into the terminal and onwards to your adventure! Once you have returned, you will leave Arrivals to find your car ready and waiting for you there. This is the perfect stress-free travel option for the solo traveller and allows you to know that your vehicle has been left in safe hands. For more information about this service, click here:

Plan an Itinerary

If you are going to be in multiple places throughout your trip, you need to prepare an itinerary. This can be as simple or as complex as you like but it needs to have some basic information on it. At a bare minimum, you should make sure to include the names and addresses of everywhere you are going to be staying and a contact number for each of them. You also need to make sure that you provide the dates of when you are going to be staying there.

Leave these itineraries with people you trust who are likely to check up on you. This is simply a matter of safety. If something happens like you lose your phone and they can’t get in contact with you, they will be able to contact your accommodation and check that you are fine.

You may be wanting to stick to a much looser travel schedule and this is perfectly alright. If you would rather stay a few days at a time in a certain place and then strike out for a new one as you feel like it, this is entirely doable. If you decide to get an Interrail pass then it can be even easier to just decide to go. However, just from the point of view of safety, you should still make sure that you let people back home know what you are up to when you decide to do it.

Look Up Local Customs

You should always make sure that you look up local customs when you are travelling to a foreign place. This is because you never know what you might encounter and you need to make sure that you don’t accidentally put yourself at risk from scams or other dangers. For example, some cultures don’t like visible tattoos so you might get more respect from the locals if you cover yours up.

Likewise, you should look up eating habits. For example, in India it is rude to eat with your left hand whereas in China you should not stick your chopsticks directly into the rice. Little things like this might seem inconsequential to a foreigner but they can make a big difference to how you are perceived as an outsider. From polite ways to dress to even just the words for good morning and thank you in the local language, there is always something you can learn to make yourself a more conscientious traveller.

Go for It!

The only way to truly nail your solo trip is just to dive in and do it! Once you have gained the courage to take the first step, the world is your oyster! Deciding to go can be one of the biggest hurdles you can face but there are so many benefits to travelling solo that it is entirely worth it. You will learn new things about yourself, experience things you never imagined seeing, and really grow as a person. It is an opportunity which should not be pushed aside. What are you waiting for? Pick a destination and start planning your first solo trip abroad today!