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How to Make the Most of what’s left in 2019

From small habits to big projects, it’s likely that there are still a few things you want to accomplish. For most people, these goals will turn into new year’s resolutions that get put aside until the last hangover of 2019 wears off. It’s easy to get caught up in starting the year ahead with a bang, instead of focusing on finishing the current year strong.

But you don’t want to wake up on day one of 2020 and think about everything you could have – and should have – done better. There’s still plenty of time to get things right now. So, instead of pinning your personal development goals onto some vague point in time in the future, challenge yourself to end the year with pride by making the most of what’s left.

Focus on Your Health

We all have at least one health-related resolution, be it more exercise, less calories, or better sleep. Despite being the most important goal, it’s also the easiest to put aside. But this is something that’s better off being tackled as soon as possible. Schedule that doctor’s visit, start your gym membership, buy that juicer… you know what you have to do.

Start 2020 Chore-Free

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably enter the new year with a bit of cleaning up and organizing to do. But with the myriad obligations you might have in the realm of work, family and personal life, those chores are easily put off for a day that never comes. Instead, start taking care of all those chores before the year ends.

This can include cleaning up your home, performing some DIY work in the garden, and organizing your office. It would also be wise to start preparing for future events, such as the season ahead. For instance, you can prepare for cold weather by winterizing your vehicle if you live in a cold climate. Every little effort adds up.

Revise Your Budget

Take the time to sit down and evaluate your financial situation. How much did you spend? Did you save enough? Is there a way you can make more money? Are you financially secure for the year ahead? Perform a bit of analysis and use your findings to develop a budget for the year ahead. The sooner you do it, the better.

Spend Some Time Alone

There are many benefits to spending some time alone, especially at this point of the year. Given that these months tend to be more eventful and stressful than others, it helps to do something that allows you to reboot your brain and unwind. Alone time helps you think deeply and solve problems more effectively.


In the words of Socrates, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Just like you reflected on your finances, take a moment to evaluate the events and choices that brought you to where you are now. Looking back will help you identify your mistakes and make better decisions moving forward. Don’t forget to highlight your successes – they matter, too!

Choosing to make the most of what’s left in 2019 is a great idea. In doing so, you can start the new year strong and achieve your goals.