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How to Keep Your Dishwasher in the Best Shape Possible.

Dishwashers aren’t the most exciting piece of kitchen appliance you could have but it’s one of the most important appliances you could have in your commercial kitchen. Commercial dishwashers have a large capacity and clean to an exceptionally high standard. Dishwashers are able to use much higher water temperatures than human hands can deal with which means they’re able to sanitise to a higher degree. Having a commercial dishwasher also means you can have an extra member of staff somewhere else rather than having someone solely on pot washing duty.

So if your commercial dishwasher is starting to flag, it’s worth trying to get it repaired as soon as possible rather than waiting and having to replace instead of repair. But there are plenty of ways in which you can keep your commercial dishwasher working as good as new.

  • Make sure as much food as possible has been removed before they’re being put into the dishwasher. Any large bits of food can actually cause blockages within the dishwasher and reduce their cleaning capacity.
  • After service, make sure the dishwasher has been properly drained. Then remove any baskets and give the interior of the dishwasher a good clean.
  • Remove all the filters, both in the arms and water shoot and clean any debris that has got lodged in there.
  • It’s also worth keeping an eye on the dishwasher salt and any other fluids that might need topping up.
  • A weekly deep clean is also highly recommended to make sure the dishwasher is as clean as possible.

Another way to make sure your commercial dishwasher stays in the best shape possible is by using a commercial maintenance service like NWCE Foodservice Equipment provide. Regular maintenance plans mean that if there are any issues developing, they can be seen and sorted out as soon as possible.

When it comes to important appliances like your commercial dishwasher, surely prevention should be better than replacing!