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How to get the most out of your Netflix subscription with Wachee

If you are a Netflix user, you probably know that Netflix offers different content to different countries. For example after removing the famous TV show “Friends” from US Netflix, a lot of viewers had to start looking for another TV show that could take its place. But what you might not know is that “Friends” is available in most European Netflix libraries. So by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Wachee, you can watch “Friends” which is currently not available in the US.

Another example of this difference in libraries is the difference between the US library and its Canadian sibling. Although these countries are neighbors and have a lot in common, the content available in America is a lot more and better than movies available to Canadians.

To feel the difference, here are just a few movies and TV shows that are available in the US Netflix but not in Canada:


Parks and Recreation

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


American Horror Story


Dallas Buyer’s Club

Penny Dreadful

The King’s Speech


Cloud Atlas

Why does Netflix have different libraries for different countries?

This is mainly because of distribution laws.

Each movie or TV show has its own copyright holder in different countries. Which basically is a person or a company that owns any one of the rights of copyright for that movie or TV show. So in countries that Netflix does not have the right to distribute a movie or a TV show, it would be illegal if Netflix offers that movie to its users in that country.

Because of that, Netflix even started to ban VPNs from 2016 in hopes that it could stop people from accessing the library of different countries. But even now in 2020, there are still some VPNs that can bypass this geo-block and offer you more movies and TV shows. Wachee is the best VPN you can use to stream Netflix and get more out of your subscription.

Why is Wachee the best VPN for Netflix and how to use it?

Wachee is a VPN created just for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, so you can be sure that it does its job well. With Wachee, you can watch more than 90% of all Netflix content worldwide with just a few clicks.

Now let’s take a look at Wachee’s prices:

First of all, Wachee has a free plan which you don’t see in other VPNs that unblock Netflix. Even its prices are much lower than any of its competitors. Take a look:

Weekly plan: $1.99

Monthly plan: $4.99

Annual plan: $2.99 per month

With these prices and a guarantee to unblock Netflix from anywhere in the world, Wachee is the best and most economical VPN to unblock Netflix.

Using Wachee is as easy as ABC. After downloading Wachee either on your Chrome extension or your Android device, you can buy a premium plan or just check out the limited free plan. You just choose the country you want (premium plan only) and click on “Connect”. It couldn’t be any easier than this. Read more about Anime and one piece filler.