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How to Find Drop shipping Supplier on Aliexpress

E-commerce is an ever-changing world full of vast competition and multiple platforms. Choosing the right model for your online business doesn’t need to be difficult. If you’ve chosen AliExpress for your online store, you will want to choose a reliable dropshipping supplier and best Aliexpress stores to help you fulfill your orders and grow your flourishing online business.

What is AliExpress?

Owned by Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world, AliExpress is a separate gigantic marketplace with millions of products for sale. AliExpress was created to serve as an online business that sells Chinese products directly to consumers rather than businesses.

AliExpress doesn’t carry its own products, but rather is a platform where independent companies in China sell direct to individuals throughout the world. The marketplace offers everything from clothing to electronics to home goods. Like eBay, you can purchase products on AliExpress directly on the platform.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is when a store doesn’t keep its products in stock, but rather purchases the items from a third party and then ships them directly to the customer. This retail fulfillment method results in the seller not directly handling the product themself. In short, dropshipping means that the seller doesn’t stock or won inventory. Instead, the seller buys more inventory from a third party whenever needed. The third party is usually a wholesaler or manufacturer.

AliExpress makes dropshipping easily accessible to its users. You can easily find products to sell in your e-commerce store, without the need to worry about inventory or shipping. First, you add products to your store that you want to sell from AliExpress and then set up a price with a markup. You purchase products at wholesale prices after receiving orders. The AliExpress seller will then ship the order straight to your customer.

An added benefit of using dropshipping on AliExpress it that there are no upfront costs or fees, allowing you to test products without making a big financial commitment. Using this retail fulfillment method is as easy as purchasing the product on the site and inputting your customer’s address.

Why you need good AliExpress suppliers for your dropshipping store

Picking the best AliExpress dropshipping suppliers will help your e-commerce business succeed. You need a reliable dropshipping supplier to handle the production and shipment of your products to your customers.

While many people are tempted to pick out their suppliers based on the price, picking the lowest-priced dropshipping supplier is not always the best option for your business. You may make more money in the short term, but it can negatively impact your business in the long term. You need a supplier who is responsive and capable of completing all orders.

Low prices are required to ensure your store is profitable and competitive, but you should never sacrifice credibility for price. It’s also important to incorporate a few reliable sellers into your online business, rather than many suppliers. This helps minimize your work and makes sure you can stay on top of your supplier. It also ensures that your client gets all of their products at the same time, rather than being shipped individually at different times, building more credibility and trust in your business.

How to find the best suppliers

There are a plethora of suppliers available on AliExpress. The first step you should take when seeking out a supplier is comparing the prices and evaluating their credibility. There are many factors that contribute to how you determine a supplier’s credibility. Here are some of the most important things to consider:

The dropshipping supplier’s online store rating

In today’s gig-based economy ratings are everything. Platforms like Uber and Airbnb heavily rely on the rating function. The first thing users tend to look at is the scores. If a supplier has more 5-star ratings, they appear to be more trustworthy. We care about what others think, what their experiences were, and how they rate the service provided.

Likewise, reading through the ratings for AliExpress dropshipping suppliers can give you a good idea about what working with them will be like. You can evaluate what areas they score highest on and compare that to what aspects are most important to you.

Filter the ratings to view the last six months

You may be inclined to immediately link up with a supplier who has hundreds of 5-star reviews. While this is an initial indicator that you’ve found the best dropping supplier, you should take an extra step and filter the ratings to see the most recent ones. It may be possible that the supplier was highly active and reliable in the past, but perhaps they’ve scaled down recently or maybe the management has changed and their services have decreased. Check to see that the top ratings aren’t only from the past. If you can see multiple great reviews within the past six months, you can proceed without worry.

Check how long the supplier has been active on AliExpress

While new suppliers can prove to be great, you might have better luck with a supplier who’s been active on the platform for a long time. Having a long history of activity on AliExpress can indicate that the supplier is well-seasoned, experienced and knows what they are doing. When a significant time period of activity is paired with a slew of high ratings, you can be assured that they are one of the best suppliers to use.

If a supplier has only been active recently and has no reviews, it’s more of a gamble to choose them as a supplier. While you may be pleasantly surprised by the results and find a new gem of a supplier, you have to be willing to take a chance. Adversely, you might find that using a brand new supplier provides unreliable service. Weight your options and the other factors that might be important for your online business.

Check for the “Top Brand” rating

AliExpress awards “top brand” badges to their best suppliers. These brands are considered the best sellers on the platform due to the popularity of the brand. They might also be authorized resellers of a popular brand. When the seller has a high product quality, reliable reputation and excellent service, they can be rewarded with the badge from AliExpress. It’s not necessary that your dropshipping supplier has been awarded the top brand badge, but it is an added benefit and assurance that you’ve chosen a quality supplier.

Check the shipping time

When finding the best supplier possible, you can view the available terms of shipping to determine whether the seller can ship to the country where most of your potential customers live. If a supplier doesn’t have the capacity or capability to ship to your target audience, then you shouldn’t even consider using them for your online store.

You can also check if tracking information is provided with the order. Most customers want to track their order to make sure they know where it is and when it will be delivered. This key information builds customer trust and prevents complaints about why packages haven’t arrived yet. You can also who which supplier has the fastest shipping time for the best price.